Raiders Night

By: Miguel Mora

Story elements

Raiders Night takes place in Nearmont High School during the present. The main conflict in the story is that there is a new football player in school,and he thinks he is big time. So the team captains decide to teach him a lesson during football camp. The book begins with the team in the locker room taking steroids before leaving to camp. Before leaving a new kid arrives and doesn't know whats coming to him.

Charracter analysis

The main character is Matt Rydek. Three words that describe him is good leader,friendly,and confused sometimes.Matt is mostly motivated by football. I like the character because he supports his team mates when they are down. Also, he is able to manage school work and football without a lot of trouble. The relation ship between Matt and his dad is not good because his dad is constantly trying to control Matt's life.


The theme of this novel is not to bully someone for stupid reasons. One example is when Chris arrived at camp he felt cocky and ended up getting bullied.Another example is after camp Chris did not show up for many practices, so the team started calling him names just for not coming to practice.


I give this book a 10/10 because its a really good book. It also has good details.