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January 4 - January 8, 2016

Goodbye, 2015. Hello, 2016.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas break. May you and your families be full of blessings, happiness, and positivity this coming year! #PositiveDogs #SeeYouNextYear

Birthdays over the break:

Happy Birthday to:

-Sylvia Cortes (12/22)
-Esperanza Garcia (12/24)
-Maria Coronado (12/24)
-Marina Trevizo (12/26)
-Maricela Cardona (12/31)

Week Activities: A Week

Monday, Jan. 4

Tuesday, Jan. 5

Wednesday, Jan. 6

Team Leader Meeting

-@3:15 in the Conference Room

Thursday, Jan. 7

Friday, Jan. 8

Important Info

Star Incentives:

Classes may accumulate stars to be used for the following incentives:

15 stars – Choice of class reward (Puppet show (Ms. Aquino), story time (Ms. Fleming or Ms. Dickson can come and read a book

25 stars – Choice of class reward (DVD party, perfect attendance pencil, etc.)

40 stars – Choice of class reward (Face Painting Party, Musical Fiesta, etc.)

*To schedule Ms. Fleming or Ms. Dickson to come and read to your class or a puppet show with Mrs. Aquino, simply send us an email with a couple of day/time options and we can check our calendars!

How can I create a QR code for an image?

Here's one easy way of doing it!

  • Save the image to your computer
  • Open your Google Drive
  • Click on "New" and "File upload"
  • Choose the image
  • Once it's uploaded, click on the file
  • Click "Share" (the little guy with the plus sign +)
  • Then, click on the top right "Get sharable link"
  • Click on "Copy link"
  • Now you have a link to create a QR code! :)

iCreate, uCreate, we all Create!


  • Every teacher is expected to meet with Mrs. Aquino for a 30 minute block to go over your iCreate idea form. You can meet in a group if it is a collaboration. Please fill out the form below if you want to meet this week.
  • Projects should be completed and submitted by Friday, January 29th.
  • Remember the thinking process is the important piece: Why did you do the project? Prek guideline? Thinking maps? Higher order thinking?


From Jennifer Dickson:

I’m so grateful for such a wonderful, dedicated and caring staff to work with each day! I jump out of bed every morning because I love where I work so much! I hope that everyone takes time to rest and relax and unplug these next two weeks. Everyone has been working so hard and everyone needs a break. Thank you for all that you do! I hope that you have a wonderful week off full of love, laughter and rest. I’m staying off of email and away from paperwork for my two weeks off, and I encourage you to do the same. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you in 2016!

January 4, 2016: Let’s all wear jeans and our new staff shirts-the purple and grey “uniform”! :)

From Michelle Aquino:

  • Thank you to Penelope, Karen, Marcela, Nettie, Sylvia, Zandra, and Mrs. Dickson for acting along in our Gingerbread Man hunt! #IAppreciateYou
  • Thank you to Mr. Abril for recording all of the performances from the party! #CameraMan
  • Thank you to all who surprised me with gifts. Very sweet of you! #Loved

From Aurora Orozco:

  • Thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Altamirano, Mrs. Aquino and Penelope for helping out for our Christmas party. To our parent volunteer Maria for helping do the decorations for our tables. To the Sunshine Committee great job!
  • Congratulations to our winners last night. As always happy to work with such fun people!
  • Mrs. Arista..gracias por todo su apoyo y su ayuda! Thank you for all your help and your support. :)
  • Everybody be safe and happy holidays! XOXOXOXO

From Karen Nichols:

To Orozco for always sending out shout outs! Way to be a positive dog!!!!

From Norma Yi:

I’d like to Thank Ms. Belmonte for all of her wonderful help. It truly is a joy to work with her every day!!

From Marcela Montes:

To the Sunshine Committee for the best Christmas party we have had in years!!! It was sweet and fun.

From Sandra Morales:

  • To our Sunshine committee for planning our Christmas party! The lip synking was really fun!!
  • To Jose for giving me ideas to decorate my Christmas stocking “we” won second place!! :)

From Norma Robles:

Orozco, Sanchez, and Li for helping clean after the Christmas party yesterday. Thanks Guys!

From Mrs. Figueroa:

  • Ms. Lara for been a good coworker and friend. You are always willing to help me to change the laminator film and to fix all the mess we make with that machine.
  • The Sunshine Committee for an awesome Christmas Party. We discovered a lot of additional talents in our staff and we spend a wonderful and fun afternoon.
  • Lupe for keep our school bright everyday and for responding to our maintenance emergency calls in a timely manner.
  • Mr. Abril for his wonderful Christmas presents!!! :)
  • Mrs. Fleming for every year having a beautiful craft creation for all the staff!!!

From Nena Trevizo:

  • Li and Orozco for giving me pointers for our Lip Sync Battle.
  • Everyone who participated! Everyone did great!
  • Everyone who attended. I had a great time.
  • Everyone who attended the after party. Y'all can bring down the house.
  • Mrs. Aquino for agreeing to be my partner! Thank you for being awesome.
  • Have a wonderful break! Love you all! :)

From Yang Li:

  • Big Shout out to our sunshine Committee for organizing an amazing Christmas party!
  • To all the participants, we are so proud to have all these talents in our campus! And congrats to the winners Mrs Aquino and Ms Trevizo!
  • To Ms Lazo and Mrs. Treviso for being the cutest most girly man ever!
  • To Ms Morales and Ms Natal and Ms Lara, you guys should make that the official video!!
  • To Ms Robles and Ms Orozco for picking up our food!
  • To Mrs Fleming for buying the yummy cheesecake.
  • To Ms Sanchez for helping with the decoration!
  • To Mrs. Aquino for being our DJ
  • To Mrs. Altamirano for helping with the food!
  • To Mrs. Reeder for fun Elf game!!
  • To Mrs. Shephard Keys for getting the lights
  • To Mrs. Mckimmey for helping behind the scenes (ELF)
  • To Mrs. Chavira for dancing with us! And I love my jeans!!!!!
  • To Ms. Lara, you are awesome Secret Santa!!
  • And lastly to all my Pierce family, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and awesome new year 2016! See you next year!