Romanian Revolution


Why this is happening?

  • Ceauşescu was the ruler of Romania - ruled with a iron fist
  • Two governments at the same time-problem
  • Romanians not enough freedom
  • Romanians wanted a better way of living
  • He had a speech saying that Romanians can't do things and how they should live
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The Protest

  • Started- city called Timişoara where the speech was given
  • Many protesters ran to the streets yelling and screaming for freedom
  • The Romanians stormed the congress building
  • Government killed thousands of protesters and burned streets
  • Romanians wanted more freedom
  • better way of living other then under a dictator
  • Other places in Romania heard about it and joined Timişoara
  • Romanians tried to over throw the government and Ceauşescu


  • Change from dictator to a presidency
  • A year later Iliescu won presidency few years later
  • Ruled by 145-member National Salvation Front at the same time
  • Ceauşescu and his wife tried to ran away but they got captured - Ceausescu was charged with murder and then killed on dec. 25
  • Romania had more freedom and a better way of living
Romanian revolution 1989

Demonstrating their beliefs

  • Romanians did not follow the dictator
  • Romanians tried to live the way they wanted too
  • Romanians protested and gave their lives to be free
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