Ariel Sharon

The Israeli leader

Ariel Sharon is an Israeli leader

Ariel Sharon was prime minister, minister of defense and foreign minister.

Ariel Sharon was with the "Likud" and he established "Kadima".

He contributed a lot to Israel.

Our Thoughts

we agree that Ariel Sharon was a leader because he was a brave person and he did significant actions.

He was responsible for the Disengagement program.

In different countries, people think about him that he was an important and special person.

Sad Story

Ariel Sharon was in coma 8 years and after 8 years he dead.

Ehud Olmert replaced him when he was in coma.

Arabic people and even religious people are celebrating that he dead.

we think that it's not respecting the country and him that people who live in Israel are celebrating that a leader of the country dead.

we think they should be ashamed.

we think that people from all over the world come to say last goodbye to Ariel Sharon because he is an important person and people need to give him respect at his last way.