Mediterranean Climates

It's hot! Its dry! But its not a desert!

Mediterranean Climate Regions

The climate is known for warm to hot, dry summers. Also for mild to cool,wet winters. Mediterranean regions occur between approximately 30 and 40 degrees north and south latitude. Average monthly temperatures in excess of 71.6 degrees fahrenheit during its warmest months. The average temperatures in the coldest months are between 64 to 27 degrees fahrenheit or between 64 to 32 degrees fahrenheit.

Yearly Precipitation

Mediterranean receive no rain during the summer, so most of the rain falls during the cooler winter. The summer gets cold ocean currents that bring dry rain. During the winter the currents shift and warmer, moist air brings rain to these areas. Mediterranean climates receive around 20 inches yearly. Snow can fall in higher elevation areas or places that are farther north.

Seasons and Temperature Range

Mediterranean climate is very mild, so it really only has two seasons. They are summer and winter. Summers are longer than winter, and the winter is very mild. The seasonal changes are due to changes in the ocean currents and water temperature. Very few places experience snow.

Factors Affecting Climate

In areas with heavy rainfall is associated with a wind shift. The wet season becomes the monsoon. Rainfall is due to daytime heating.