Kyle's life

(currently in progress, version 1.3)

About myself:

I'm a generally nice guy who is always willing to give out second chances. I can't keep a grudge and even have trouble faking one, this is not one of my most useful talents.... I like to sometimes act like a clown to get my friends to laugh, which brightens my day probably much more than they think. Although i'm sometimes first to give out creative criticism, I always try to have more compliments coming afterward. I must admit i'm not always the kindest to people that prove to not be my friends and refuse my second chances over and over, but I have learned to shut off the part of my brain that thinks evil thoughts (sadly this also shut off all my good comebacks). Whenever I see bullying I always try to get in the middle of it and stop it before it gets any further and always watch out for that one person in case it happens again. Writing has always been one of my passions and unlike others I enjoy writing a long essay or a story (as long as i'm not being marked). Currently I am writing a novel, which I hope will expand into a series, and hope one day they'll become bestsellers (a preview of my series will be handed in for my grade 9 book assignment). My writing style does change depending on which book or movie/TV show I last saw that had a real impact on me, so be warned of twists and turns. I know i'm not the handsomest guy in the world or even the class, but I know it's whats on the inside that counts. When this huge biography ends, not yet, I want you (those of you who know me) to forget what I look like completely and reread this. Think about whats going through your head when you do this; did you imagine me completely different or imagine a picture for me at all? Did you have different emotions? Consider these next time you see me, because who knows who'll read this, just Mrs.Olding or the class? Always remember that anyone who wants to be can be my friend (if they're serious), i'll never fake a friendship and I never truely give up on my friends, even those that left long ago remain in my memory.