Where I Stand

By: Joshua Ortiz

Research and Innovation In Markham

Research and innovation can be defined as the creation of new knowledge and make a new creative way to generate new concepts. High tech and life sciences are the two key business clusters in Markham. These two sectors alone can generate over 37,000 employment opportunities.

Positive sides of Research and Innovation

  • Generates over 37,000 jobs
  • Generates revenue of over $54 billion across Canada.
  • Creates new ideas of generating energy in a greener way.
  • Creates ideas that are beneficial to the community.

Improvements that the government can do.

  • Generate more ideas that the citizens of the community has.
  • Create more ways that directly affects citizens of the community in a positive way. Such as giving others a voice to tell what improvements can be made to the community.
  • Create a question period for the citizens to gather more ideas and turn their ideas into innovation within the community of Markham. So, we could also see what the government of Markham says about our ideas.
  • Keeps us more in the know so, we know what is happening in our community whether it is small changes or large changes.

Community Safety in Markham

Community safety is a concept that gives everyone human security to keep each others safe. Such as immediate response police officers, fire fighters and ambulances. Located within Bruce's Mill conservation area there is a Community Safety Village teaching children to execute a safe escape in case of an emergency.

Positive sides of Community Safety

  • teaches people especially kids in the community how to be safe in many different scenarios.
  • shows that people are here to protect us when we are in need.
  • Immediate response officers, fire fighters and ambulances on duty to go to danger to help what or whoever is in trouble.
  • protects the community from any potential harms and shows us how we could solve the problems by ourselves

Improvements that the government can do

  • teach safety to many schools instead of a field trip for people who are less fortunate than other and are not able to go to the trip.
  • give everyone's house a safety button to tell officers when there is a real emergency happening in the house but unable to reach a phone.
  • teach safety in a more viral way such as showing some videos online or tv ads that teach us what can happen and how to be safe in that situation.

Families in Markham

Families in Markham may have some troubles and some agencies can help with the problems with the teens and family members have so they can connect more in depth with each other. 360kids help kids that are troubled . They help over 500 kids a year to get help and help them reconnect with their families.

Positive sides of Family helping organizations in Markham

  • helps families that are troubled fix their problems
  • gives children a voice to speak what is on their mind.
  • gives people in need such as families a shelter

Improvements the government can do

  • make more organizations that help children and families
  • bring awareness on how serious this topic is.
  • give people proper living conditions
  • bring more families together while finding out the issues and telling others how to fix the problems