By: Jenna Meyer

Why Do Kids and Teens Bully Others?

To Seem Cool

One reason kids and teens bully others is because they want to seem 'cool'. When bullies are trying to act 'cool' they might bully you around large groups of people, so everyone can see. They want to get as many people on their side to go against you. The bullies will also want your friends on their side to make you feel even more poorly.

No Attention

The next reason kids or teens bully others is because their parents or teachers aren't giving them enough attention. During school, the bully could be not getting the same amount of help in the classroom as any other student which will cause them to try to get that attention from their teacher. At home, the kid or teen could not be getting attention from their parents. Their parents may work a lot or take care of younger siblings and do not spend time with their child or teen.

Problems of Their Own

The last reason kids or teens bully others is because they could have some issues of their own. At home or at school or even in the neighborhood, the bully could be getting bullied themselves. Anything could be happening in their lives that could anger them. Anyone could be a target when they are angry, sad or hurt because they feel relieved when their emotions come out while saying mean words or physically hurting someone.


To sum up my paper of why kids or teens bully others, my first reason was the bully wants to seem cool. My second reason was they received minimum attention. My last reason is they have problems/issues of their own. I think a way to cut down on bullying is to have more teachers around in the hallways and bathrooms and on the playgrounds at schools to stop the kids or teens when they see students getting picked on. Many schools have anti-bullying programs and I hope these are successful.