Jordyn Work

Is propane renewable?

Sadly propane is not a renewable resource but we have enough of it to last us about 150 years.
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Where is it found? Do factories produce it with technology?

Propane comes from natural gas and petroleum wells. About half of the propane used in the U.S comes from raw natural gas. The propane is separated from the other gases at a natural gas processing plant. The picture below is a map of all of the places that have a propane processing plant.

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How does propane produce energy for individuals.

Propane gets Doug up from a gas well and gets pressed through a gas treatment plant to get the othe materials out of it. Then it gets transported to a retail plant and then get transported from there to the retail customer. As the diagram below shows the process.
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Who uses it?

Propane gets used by industry, homes, farms, and businesses. A lot of times they use it for heating because it gets hot very easily.

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What is the cost benefit to using propane?

The cost of propane is different in each place, but, historically propane has been priced below regular gasoline. The average cost of propane is approximately 30% less than regular gasoline.

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What is the environmental impact of propane?

Compared to gasoline, propane stops 87% less smog-producing hydrocarbons.

What are advantages of propane?

  1. Propane has a lot fewer emissions than gas powered vehicles.
  2. Propane powered vehicles produce 30-90% less carbon monoxide and about 50% less toxins and smog producing substances than normal gas powered vehicles.
  3. The cost of propane would be less than gasoline.
  4. Propane is over 90% domestically produced, and it is more readily available than most all other alternative fuels.

What are some disadvantages of using propane?

  1. Propane can blow up easily if used incorrectly.
  2. It is a non-renewable resource.
  3. It is more expensive.