CGELC Newsletter

April & May 2016

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Dear Parents & Guardians

Welcome to our news letter for the months of April & May! So far 2016 has been full of interesting learning experiences and we are looking forward to what is to come in the next two months as well!

Autumn is now well and truly upon us, and the weather has been very unpredictable! We would like to ensure that children are dressed appropriately at all times, warm or cool. In order to make sure that children are prepared for any weather conditions the most appropriate would be to send them in pants and t-shirt with shoes and socks - and send a jumper along for the cooler times of the day.

~ CGELC Staff

Here's a brief look at what we have been up to in the past couple of months


We learned about the concept of time including it's various aspects - such as the difference between day and night, the different clocks and ways of telling time, the way the sun forms shadows which can be used to tell time.

We did a lot of interesting activities with the sun and the shadows and noticed how the sun changed position in the sky right throughout the day, and also how our shadows were on different directions and different lengths at different times of the day.


We also discussed the concept of WIND and how the wind energy is used to power some interesting sports such as yachts, hangliding and more.

We also made some practical things such as a kite and a wind sock which we were able to use outside in the wind to see how they work.


Seeing as Autumn began in March - we took the opportunity to learn about what this season would hold in store for us. We took the time to discuss characteristics of both the usual, European Autumn as well as the corresponding aboriginal season - known as 'Bana'Murra'Yung' (wet, getting cooler).

We discussed the change in trees and leaves turning from green to red , yellow and brown.

In Bana Murra Yung we discussed the animals patterns and plants which ripen in that season.


This year we really took the time to understand the true meaning behind the Easter holiday. It was a huge sacrifice made by Jesus' Christ when he gave his life in order to grant salvation to human kind.

We learned about a few different traditions which take place over the Easter celebration.

We baked some special unleavened bread, which we were able to enjoy for afternoon tea along with some red grape juice in representation of the sacrifice of Jesus' earthly body.

We also had a fun Easter egg hunt. We got to go out in the school play ground and find the yummy chocolate eggs hidden all around!


We have some interesting occasions coming up over the next few months so keep a look out for the following dates.

7 April - World Health Day . We'll take some time on this day to discuss the importance of health and learn some tips on how to maintain our own health.

13 April - Sinhalese New Year. We will learn a bit about the traditions of the Sinhalese New Year.

25 April - Anzac Day. It is important to remember the sacrifices that have been and are being made to protect our country.

8 May - Mothers Day. Of course we all love our mommies so very much, and we want to take this opportunity to show them that. We'd love to invite all families to join us for a special mothers day tea on Friday, 6 May 2016. Please join us at the centre from 4pm and bring along some nut free eats to share.

We're also arranging a special incursion from an AMBULANCE during May! The date will be confirmed closer to the time.


We'd like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following students in April and May.


3rd - Novac

27th - Leanne


1st - Arjun

5th - Daniela

6th - Stephanie

16th - Shaalya & Shashank

27th - Jack