Media Matters

Summer 2020 Student/Parent Edition

The Time Has Come . . .

To READ! Reading everyday can keep your brain sharp and avoid the "summer brain slide". I have created a summer read list entitled "Read to Make a CHANGE." I have enjoyed each book and I hope you will too--feel free to email me with your thoughts or suggestions of other books!
Summer 2020 Reading List: Read to Make a Change!

Click on this green button and it will take you to the interactive summer reading list that is pictured below. Click on a book to find out more about the book, meet the author or find a review. Click on objects for surprises! Enjoy!

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Ready Set Read!

Just because the public library is not all the way open yet--you can still read and JOIN the summer reading program: Discover Summer! Summer contest check out the details here!

Game: Name the State

Challenge your friends and families on identifying the name of each state! See how fast you can name each state. Click here to get started! If you master that one try identifying countries in Europe, South America or Africa!

Juneteenth--Want to Know More?

With Independence day this week--we know how important it was for America to be free from Great Britain. If you do not know about Juneteenth --it is also an important independence day. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed January 1, 1863 but the word did not reach Texas until June 19, 1865 when all slaves were free. Read more about Juneteenth here, in INFOhio.

Everyone Needs Some Fireworks

Just in case you are unable to see some fireworks this year --turn off the lights, get some popcorn or make up smores, fire up your computer and take in 18 minutes of magic--Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle in Disneyworld. Let the magic begin!

Hamilton: Don't Be The Only One Who Hasn't Seen It

That is right Hamilton is coming to you! If you have Disney Plus (if not find a friend and bribe them with a smore) and watch the musical, Hamilton!!! This movie is rated PG-13

Take a look at the Movie Trailer--this movie hits Disney Plus on July 3rd! Enjoy!

Want to Write Your Own Book?

Create your own book or graphic novel about the Summer of 2020, or The Year of the Pandemic by using Book Creator--it can be used on a computer or an iPad. If you would like an account please email me at have student accounts in my educator account. This will provide you hours and hours of great thinking, creating, writing and fun!

Let's Welcome WMS New Media Specialist

It is with mixed emotions I say goodbye to Wyoming Middle School and move up to the high school! But it is much easier to move up know that Mrs. Kris Back will be picking up where I left off! She brings great experience as both a high school and primary media specialist here in Wyoming. Please take time to welcome her when school resumes in August!