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Feb 22. 2019

Our vision is to be a Healthy and Literate Community!

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Single Plan for Student Acheivement (SPSA)

I shared this presentation with School Some Council and the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) this week. They are pleased with the reading progress and concerned about the RFEP numbers in fifth grade. The last two years we have reclassified over 60% of the out going 5th graders. This year we are at 30%. This is only a mid year snap shot. We have to complete the student surveys and report on end of year progress in May. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Going to the Zoo by miturri


07 I Am A Pizza by miturri


La Bamba by miturri


It's Raining by miturri


BSLUG by miturri


NOBODY by miturri


FROG SG by miturri

Math Promise Standards (Repeat)

Based on my recent principal meeting we will need to be ready to talk about promise standards in math by April 30. The documents you have created will help with this conversation. In addition, the Napa standards will help inform this work.

There will be a release day in May and we will need grade level representation at a district grade level meeting. Please let me know who will represent your grade level.

Sign up for your grade rep.

Important Dates (changes)

Feb 27

*Peer to Peer - we book subs

March 26

K-1 Math Bridges Training - book your own subs

March 27

2nd Math Bridges Training - book your own subs

March 28 & 29 (you attend one day)

3-5 Math Bridges Training - book your own subs

March 28 & 29

Rebecca Cronin K-2 - we book subs

April 1 & 2

Hareem Atif 3-5 - we book subs

April 3, 10, 17 and 24

Peer to Peer - we book subs

May 22

K-2 Math Promise Standards - book your own sub (One per grade level)

May 23

3-5 Math Promise Standards - book your own sub (One per grade level)

Up Coming Events

February - Coffee Cart on V-Day, Scavenger Hunt and 100 Day Celebration!

Mon 25 Staff meeting, PTO Executive Board 6pm

Wed. 27 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 21

Thurs. 28 Sing a long 9am

March - Project Rainbow

Tues. 5 Principal Walk Throughs 9am

Wed. 6 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm -22 (on your own)

Thurs. 7 DELAC

Fri. 8 Bus Evacuation 9am

11 to 15 Parent Teacher Conferences

Fri. 15 Principals TK-12

18 to 22 Spring Break

Mon. 25 Staff meeting, PTO General Assembly 6pm

Wed. 27 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 23

Thurs. 28 Elementary Principals & Rebecca from TC

Fri. 29 SSC & ELAC & Rebecca from TC


Mon & Tues 1 & 2 - Hareem for 3rd-5th grades, Anu Cairo from Cowell will be here.

Wed. 3 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 24

Thurs. 4 DELAC

Fri. 5 Leadership Meeting

Mon. 8 Staff meeting

Wed. 10 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 25

Fri. 12 Principals TK-12

Mon. 15 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 17 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 26 (on your own)

Thurs. 18 Elementary Principals

Fri. 19 Restructuring Team, Altimira Visits classrooms

Mon. 22 Golf Tourney

Wed. 24 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 27

Thurs. 25 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 26 SSC & ELAC

Mon 29 Staff meeting


Wed. 1 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 28

Fri. 3 Purple Pinkie and Cinco de Mayo

Mon Staff meeting

Wed. 8 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 29

Thurs. 9 DELAC

Fri. 10 Restructuring Team, Anu Cairo will be here from Cowell

Wed. 15 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 30 (on your own)

Thurs. 16 Elementary Principals

Fri. 17 Principals TK-12

Mon. 20 Staff Meeting

Wed. 22 On your own for Open House

Wed. 22 Open House (on your own)

Thurs. 23 Coffee Day

Fri. 24 SSC & ELAC

Mon. 27 holiday

Wed. 29 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 31

Thurs. 30 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 31 EV Field Day and BBQ


Tues. 4 Preschool Grad

Wed. 5 On your own

Wed. 5 Awards Assembly

Thurs 6 Promotion

Fri. 7 Teacher Work day

Thurs. 13 Elementary Principals

Fri. 14 Principals TK-12

Fri. 21 Leadership Meeting for maite