Preparing for Phase 3


Richland Two district and school leaders continue to prepare for the start of Phase 3.

  • We are monitoring the disease activity in the county. Based on the 2-24-2021 Recent Disease Activity Report released by S.C. DHEC, Richland County is close to a disease activity rating of low. The district’s Reopening Schools Plan calls for a switch to Phase 3 at the low disease activity level.

  • We are making modifications to Phase 3 based on the latest CDC Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools. Please review the information below on the details of Phase 3.

  • A firm date has not been set but we anticipate transitioning to Phase 3 over a two-week period once the disease activity in the county falls to low. Thank you for your patience as we work to make sure all safety precautions are in-place for this next phase.

  • Just as we did prior to the start of Phase 2, we need parents of students participating in eLearning or in-person instruction to log in to Parent Portal no later than March 7, 2021, to either confirm or change the Learning Model Selection for Phase 3 for your student(s). After the start date for Phase 3 is set, dates for switching learning models during Phase 3 will be announced.
  • Below are explanations of the Learning Model options for Phase 3 followed by directions for logging in to Parent Portal.


The latest guidance from the CDC states that strategies for preventing the spread of the disease should remain in place regardless of the level of community transmission. Based on this information, returning to traditional school operations, in place prior to the pandemic, is not possible at the start of Phase 3. Therefore, the following safety precautions will remain in place:

  • Students and employees will continue to wear masks.

  • We will continue to practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible. In classroom seating arrangements where 6 feet of social distancing is not possible or optimal, we will use barriers/dividers.

  • Procedures for visitors, after-hours school events and travel considerations will remain the same as they were in Phase 2.

  • Parents and employees will continue to monitor for symptoms using the checklist for students or online sign-in form for employees. If a student or employee is experiencing any symptoms on the checklist, the student cannot go to school and the employee cannot come to work.

  • Procedures regarding contact tracing, isolation and quarantine will continue to be followed. It is very important for parents and employees to notify their school nurse if a student or employee is ill with a cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste/smell; tests positive for COVID-19; or is a close contact of a person testing positive for COVID-19.

  • Service Solutions (SSC), the District’s custodial service provider, will continue to follow the comprehensive plan to ensure that our schools are clean, sanitized and safe.

  • Schools will continue to receive additional supplies to assist with cleaning, sanitation, social distancing and other safety measures.


R2 Virtual School — Students participating in the R2 Virtual School will continue in this learning model.

Elementary Learning Model Options

In-person Instruction — Students come to school five days a week (½ day on Fridays). For the most part, students are organized in classroom communities similar to Phase 2 with one change — students may leave the classroom for related arts and specialized classes (e.g. speech, ALERT, ESOL, etc.). The implementation of this change may vary from school to school due to individual circumstances such as class sizes and/or room sizes.
eLearning — Schools will continue to provide eLearning for the remainder of the 2020–2021 school year.

Middle and High Learning Model Options

In-person Instruction — Students come to school five days a week (½ day on Fridays). The hybrid model will no longer be an option.
eLearning — Schools will continue to provide eLearning for the remainder of the 2020–2021 school year.

At all levels, some classes may be taught using the dual modality approach for delivering instruction, which means the class will include eLearning students and in-person students. Other classes may include only eLearning students or only in-person students. This will vary by school depending on the number of students participating in eLearning.

Due to the additional planning time required for dual modality instruction, Fridays will be half-days for elementary, middle and high school students.


Parents, no later than March 7, 2021, please follow the directions below to confirm or change your Learning Model Selection:

  1. Login to Parent Portal at parents.richland2.org

  2. On the home page of Parent Portal you should see "Grades and Attendance" at the top of the page. Scroll down to the section labeled "Phase 3 Learning Model Confirmation."

  3. In this section on the home page of Parent Portal, review the model you previously selected.

  4. In the drop down menu, select whether you want to confirm your original choice, change to in-person, or change to eLearning.

  5. Click on "Submit."

  6. Complete this process for each of your Richland Two students by changing tabs at the top of the page after clicking on "Submit."

Parents of students enrolled in the R2eSchool do not need to confirm their selection as those students are enrolled in the R2eSchool for the entire school year.


In Phase 3, the school week for middle and high school students will mirror the school week that elementary students are currently following (full-days Monday through Thursday and half-day Friday).
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Depending on the number of students signed up for in-person instruction during Phase 3, changes may have to be made to Phase 2 bus routes. Additional information about any changes to bus routes will be communicated after the March 7th deadline to confirm/change Learning Model Selection for Phase 3.


In addition to providing meals on-site for in-person students, meals will be available for eLearners. Meal pickups for eLearners, as well as children up to the age of 18 who are not Richland Two students, will continue on Fridays, 8 a.m.–12 p.m., at the following locations: Dent Middle, E.L. Wright Middle, Longleaf Middle, Muller Road Middle, Summit Parkway Middle, and R2I2.