World Heritage Newsletter

January 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday season!

We’re back at it and ready to start a new year, the school year will be ending soon for our semester students and the spring semester concludes before we know it.

Our focus continues to be on recruiting and finding new and qualified host families for our 16/17 students.

I'll be calling everyone in the next week or so we can work together on securing some new host families! Getting started early is the key to getting lots of students placed before August in your area. If you need blurbs for schools or churches or anything at all before we speak, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Mee (from Thailand) with host mom, Diane Galvin riding mules at the Grand Canyon.

Completing a Placement!

The key to completing a placement is to be QUICK!

The faster we do our part, the faster the student & family can begin communicating.

1st- Host family completes application online at:

WWW.WHHOSTS.COM the direct link to the application is:

2nd- Schedule Home Visit-take 5 pictures while there: (front of the home, living area, student's bedroom, student's bathroom, and kitchen) complete Home Visit Screening Form.

3rd- Contact School and confirm they are accepting students; Complete School Administrator Letter (SAL) or let me know if we would like to send an electronic SAL.

4th - Contact 3 references for host family; complete a separate reference form for each.

This order can be changed up, all that matters is everything is completed.

The goal is to complete this paperwork as soon as possible.

Be certain to fill out ALL questions and areas on the forms or Head Office won't accept them as we'll be out of compliance with the State Department and I'll have to send them back to you for completion.

Please send me paperwork as you have completed it, it is not necessary to wait for all forms to be completed first.

You can text (pictures), scan/email, fax, or mail forms to me.

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Mariasole (Italy) with her rep, Shanel Banks, and Shanel's daughter in CT.

Goals for this year!

As we are now officially in 2016-- the 2016/2017 school year is rapidly approaching.

What are your goals for this school year?

• How many students would you like to place?

• What are you doing to help reach that goal?

• When do you hope to have all of your students

placed by?

• What can I do to help you reach your goal?

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Elena (from Spain) and her host family, the Wills, all dressed up and headed out to a holiday party! Rep: Denise Simeone, CT

2nd Stipend Payment.

Thank you to all of those that have completed the following. Your second stipend is on it's way. I've reached out individually to everyone that is missing something so we can get you paid.

Here is a rundown of what is needed to in order for your 2nd Stipend Payment to be released the following must be completed:

• All placement paperwork- will need missing pictures, etc..

• Family and Student Orientations

• 2 activities completed by the end of January

• 1 School Contact entered in the database

• Report card submitted to me

• All database entries for student/host family entered and completed for months 1-5

• One in person contact for 1st semester must be completed and entered in the database

Please let me know when you have all of the above entered and ready for review!

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Zoe from France - Do you know anyone that would love to host a dancer?

Zoe loves to dance! A passion since she was very young. She’s studied ballet for 10 years and now enjoys contemporary dance too! Zoe lives with her single mom in an apartment and has always wished for brothers or sisters, maybe her wish will come true as part of your family? She enjoys her young cousins, who she often looks after, their ages range from 16 months to 10 years old. Zoe has a really cute cat called LouLou who is 13 years old and sleeps all day long... Zoe often spends time with her grandparents, she takes an annual 2 week holiday during the summer months with her grandfather which she always looks forward to. Zoe enjoys school. History and Geography are her favorite subjects. She finds it fascinating to learn about the past. Her school in France is very small, there isn’t a cafeteria so the students have to eat lunch outside or at home, she can’t wait to experience an American high school and imagines it will be just like the American movies with lockers in the hallway and a big football field. Zoe has tried lots of sports including ice-skating and horseback-riding and although she enjoys them, her passion has always been dance. She also loves photography, taking pictures of beautiful landscapes. In the future Zoe would like to study law and become a lawyer. Zoe has always wanted to spend time in the USA as she loves the culture, language and people. She cannot wait to meet her new family!
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Victor from France - Do you know any ice-hockey players or fans?

You’ve got 100% chance of scoring big if you choose Victor as your exchange student! Victor is a tall, brawny ice-hockey player with a passion for the sport! He plays every day and loves it. He especially loves that his teammates have such good team spirit. Victor comes from a tight-knit family. He lives with his parents who he loves dearly and older sister who he adores as she’s cared for him since he was a baby. He also has an older brother who lives locally and they share a passion for sports. Victor loves his little dog, Vic, who is 11 years old and loves to dance around for food. Home for Victor the Burgundy, a region of France well known for its wine and mustard. Victor enjoys school and his favorite subjects are English, history and sports. Watching sports is also another favorite pastime, Victor’s favorite soccer team is Manchester United. Coming to the USA has always been a dream of Victors. He can’t wait to experience the greatness of the USA, its history and culture. Victor says he is very thankful to the family that will host him and that he can’t wait to meet them.
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Host Family recruitment strategies

  • Make a list of people you know: relatives, co-workers, neighbors, people from church, former classmates, etc. and approach them about hosting (every American family should have the experience of hosting at least once as it's a great experience for everyone involved).
  • Hang posters and flyers in your local high school
  • Schedule Info Nights (at schools, libraries, Barnes & Noble)
  • Put announcements in church bulletins (look through the national list and choose a student that has an interest in church like Hannah,16 from Germany or Luisa Elaine, 16 from Germany or Alessandra, 16 from Mexico)
  • Contact Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, take hosted students to speak
  • Write letters to the editor of local papers or local columnists about doing a 'human interest story' with current students.
  • Check with community groups and clubs: dance, swim, gymnastics
  • Ask current families to nominate other families to host
  • Ask hosted students to ask at school (they receive a $250 referral fee once the student arrives for providing a name and number of someone that ends up hosting)
  • Hang “tear-off” flyers with your number on grocery store boards (I will be sending individualized personalized flyers in the next few weeks)
  • Make church announcements, during or after services
  • Get hosted students out in public, to speak and be seen at school events, farmers markets, etc.
  • Get booths at local international festivals (we are non-profit so sometimes we can get a booth for free - we can't reimburse for booths)
  • Print out the student bios and share them with friends and family
  • Visit day care centers, kindergartens, nursery schools to hang flyers
  • Ask if you can speak at a PTA meeting
  • Start an “Each One, Reach One” campaign: current families find new ones
  • Call the foreign language teachers (only if you have a personal and good relationship with the teachers)
  • Get announcements put in school newsletters (sometimes principals will send out an email blast)
  • Develop a media list and use it
  • Ask liaisons to consider hosting or recommend others (school personal with one or more of our students already in the school this year get a $250 referral bonus once the student arrives on program)
  • The best form of program promotion is just talking about the program.

  • Here is an example of a blurb you can copy or amend. (Please don't use photos of kids coming onto program to recruit families unless you have bios and pics in your own hands and take them with you when you leave.) You can use the group photo of students (above) for promotional purposes shown here as they have all completed the program.

    General Blurb: World Heritage Student Exchange is looking for loving host families for the upcoming 2016/17 school year. Our students come from all over the world and will be thrilled to find out they've been chosen to be hosted by a family just like yours. You pick the country and student. All our students come with their own pocket money and health insurance. Embark on an unforgettable cultural adventure and learn firsthand all about the customs and culture of another country in the comfort of your very own home. For more information please call: your name and number.

    More specific blurb: World Heritage Student Exchange is looking for a loving host family for Zoe, 16, from France for the upcoming 2016/17 school year. Zoe has a passion for dance, she enjoys ballet and contemporary dance. Zoe is an only child who comes from a very small town in France. She can't wait to have a host brother or sister (or maybe both) and to attend an American high school with lockers in the hallway and a big football field. Zoe comes with her own pocket money and health insurance and will be a delight to have as part of your family. If you are interested in hosting Zoe, please contact me for more information: your name and number.

    Rep Referral Fees

    If you refer a friend, relative or acquaintance to become a rep and they end up placing a student for the upcoming 2016/17 school year, you will get a $150 referral check from Head Office once the student arrives.

    If you know a family that would like to host and they are not in your immediate area or even in your state but decide to host, you will receive a $150 referral check once the student arrives on program.