Happy New Year!

Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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HAPPY 2016!


Well, it's January. . . now what?

With all you have going on with the beginning of the year: kids going back to school, recovering from the holidays, Dot Dollars, etc. are you looking at your trunk show pipeline and thinking, "Well, it's not November or December!" What's happening? While it's natural to feel a little uncertain about what the new year will hold for your business, it's not rational to think that January is going to look like the biggest selling season of the year. Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Target, and Macy's certainly don't. So why should we?

So instead of pondering that, what if we all were to make a pact with ourselves and each other that we're not going to let this thought cross our minds and rather, focus on taking the action to jump start our businesses? After all, we have the personal touch that makes this a beautiful business; a business that, when built on taking action, will yield beautiful results.

So what to do?

It's simple. It's time to get back to basics.

If you've been around for 4 days, 4 months, or 4 years, this is the time for you to take the 3 steps of booking....

Step One: Make a big list.

Step Two: Warm up your contacts.

Step Three: Pick up the phone and follow up.

Want the proverbial "magic pill?" These 3 steps + ACTION on these 3 steps, and you've got it!

So when you make your big list, think of EVERYONE you know. Don't think just friends, family, those you've been asking forever to do a show. Move beyond it to neighbors, co-workers, former co-workers, your past 3 months of customers, Facebook friends, friends from HS, your husbands' co-workers' wives, moms you see at school or daycare, those that you've had a pleasant interaction with.

When you warm up your contacts, there's a simple place to look for an email, and that's the Words To Say (look under January tools in the Stylist Lounge). Cut, paste and make them your own. If you want to brainstorm or have a question on how to approach someone, let me know or post over on our team FB page so that you can have access to the amazing brain trust and community of stylists on our team!

And when you follow up by phone, look to the Words To Say again for your script. Does it feel scary to call? Maybe. Will you get people who say no. Sure you will. But will you get a yes? All bets from me are that you will. Do you think you'll be bothering someone when you call? Banish that thought right now. That's you judging and making assumptions about the reaction that I can guarantee with almost 100% certainty will not be the case. Give it a shot, and let me know how it goes!


May Garcia - Germantown, MD

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Gillian Powell - Mt. Airy, MD

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Mary Gies - Darnestown, MD

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Joelly Belman - North Potomac, MD

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Straight From the Leader Dashboard - You've all Made a Name for Yourselves!



Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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Congratulations to all the stylists this month whether you sold one necklace or 100! And congrats to all our brand new stylists who launched strong this month.

1 Joelly Belman 5257.70*

2 Rene Kauder 5128.51*

3 Susie Pomponi 4034.77

4 Crista Oehler 3653.86

5 Pamela Wimmer 3403.72

6 May Garcia 2657.41

7 Kimberly Sadelson 2555.91

8 Mary Gies 2469.83

9 Gillian Powell 2299.34

10 Juli Lausch 2194.1

11 Lorraine Slud 2176.81

12 Megan Kelly 1973.7

13 Candice Schoolman 1840.21

14 Sheila Markowitz 1721.24

15 Ria Tan 1435.35

16 Sarah Gaumond 1383.67

17 Heather Connors 1267.5

18 Sarah Obenour 1138.59

19 Kimsey Cavitt Logue 1093.5

20 laura brooks 1045.79

21 Krissy Leckie 866.7

22 Amity Joy Domingo 854.24

23 Sherry Gowarty 773.2

24 Amanda Smith 559.23

25 Maria Cosgrove Drager 530.34

26 Georgena Ifill 520.46


1 Joelly Belman 9485.30

2 Sarah Gaumond 6225.47

3 Crista Oehler 5677.79

4 Sheila Markowitz 5364.98

5 May Garcia 5252.44

6 Rene Kauder 4496.72

7 Susie Pomponi 4326.70

8 Mary Gies 3001.57

9 Pamela Wimmer 2919.20

10 Lorraine Slud 2548.25

11 Gillian Powell 2049.67

12 Caitlin Akhtar 1830.95

13 Heather Connors 1513.69

14 Jennifer Judge 1162

15 Sherry Gowarty 1149.16

16 Jessica McNally 1116.63

17 Juli Lausch 1111.63

18 Sara Muehleisen 1068.78

19 Sarah Obenour 901.34

20 Colleen Kelly 868.96

21 Tiffany Sanchez 825.90

22 Sophia Dollar 766.13

23 Kimsey Cavitt Logue 739

24 Leslie Borkenhagen 725.85

25 Jill Knerr 697.15

26 Amity Joy Domingo 599.95

27 Maria Cosgrove Drager 592.48

28 laura brooks 581.05

29 Michele Panczyszyn 573.24

30 Bethany Devilbiss 543

31 Christine Schroyer 516.21

32 Amanda Smith 502.64

*Congrats to our Stellar Sellers - by selling $5000+ this month you earned $100 in free product!

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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The More You Sell the More You Earn!

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Rene Kauder, Director, Coach and Mentor

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