A Secret Kept ~ Playlist

By: Tatiana de Rosnay

About My Playlist...

My playlist is a mix of genre's because this book is all over the place; but all of the songs that have a sad tone to them. "A Secret Kept" goes from divorce, to a mother dying, to a car accident, kids in trouble with the law, a girls best friend dying, finding love again, realizing he doesn't love his ex anymore, secrets that weren't meant to be found, and cheating.

Song #1: Maps by Maroon 5


I chose this song for the first part of my book because in the beginning the main character Antoine find out that his wife Astrid is cheating on him with a younger guy named Serge; he finds their sex tape. In this song the guy singing is saying how he misses "the taste of a sweeter life." The song tells how he hears his ex's voice in his sleep at night and Antoine is constantly saying he misses her when he's alone in his apartment at night alone. The song also says he just can't get over her or resist temptation. Antoine is still deeply in love with her and later in the book he stays the night with Astrid when Serge and her are having problems. Antoine could be the person singing this song because it explains everything he feels in the book for Astrid perfectly.

Song #2: Highway Don't Care by Keith Urban & Taylor Swift


I chose this song for when Antoine and his sister got into a wreck when they were coming home from a vacation to an island they used to visit as children. It was his sister Melanie's 40th birthday and she was about to tell him something she had remembered the day before when she suddenly went off the road. She lost her memory temporarily and can't remember until much later in the book.

The song basically is about someone driving when they're upset and getting into a wreck. It says, "the highway don't know you're alive" meaning the road doesn't care what happens to you. It also says "I can't live without you baby" and Antoine talks about how he's afraid his sister died and doesn't know until he gets to the hospital that she's okay. It talks about what's going through his head when the wreck was happening.

Song #3: I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts


This song signifies when Antoine's daughters best friend dies at school one day. It was his parenting week when it happened and I think this song tells how Antoine wants to help Margaux through this rough time even though he's not sure what to do. Rascal Flatts sings about fighting someone else's fight and never letting go of them and I know Antoine wants to be able to fight this battle for his daughter to save her the pain, but he knows she has to deal with it. He wants to hold her and let her know he's there but she shuts herself off and becomes depressed.

Song #4: Human by Christina Perri


This last song I chose because all throughout the book there has been one thing after another for Antoine and I just feel like one person can only go through so much. This song just talks about how human we really are. It says: I can stay awake for days, I can fake a smile, I can force a laugh, I'm only human, I crash and I break down, I can hold the weight of worlds, Be your everything, and so on. It's how Antoine feels about how his life is going right now. With his mom passing away, his divorce, his oldest son getting into trouble, his daughters best friend/family friend dying, sleeping with his ex wife again after so long and realizing he doesn't love her anymore, his sister getting into a wreck, and meeting Angele.