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Who are the Syrian Refugee's?

Thousands of Syrian refugee's are fleeing everyday to escape the civil war that has been going on the past 3 years. They are fleeing because bombing is destroying cities and there is very little food and health care. Most of the refugee's are fleeing into Turkey and some are crossing the Mediterranean Sea and into Greece. Over half of the refugee's that have fled are younger than 18.

Poland Demographics

Poland is located to the East of Germany. Poland has a population of 38,346,279 and death and birth rates of 10.7 deaths and 9.77 births. Catholic is the main religion in Poland at 87.2%. Polands average age total: 39.5 years, male: 37.9 years, female: 41.3 years. The climate is temperate throughout Poland

Could Poland take in the Syrian Refugees?

Poland does have enough space for the refugees to come and live and work but the religions would be quite a bit different. Many of the Syrian Refugees moving into the country have been mainly Muslims and Islam's. Most people from Poland are Catholics making moving into the country harder. Also, many Poles have been protesting against having people move into the country. Poles don't want the refugee's to move into the country because they have thought that the Islam's will be the death of the country. So I don't think Poland will be taking in the Syrian Refugees because there are so many people against it.