Fads and Heroes

by: Mariah Harter

Because a great change was happening people became stressed and unhappy. This time led to new fads and heroes. Fads are things people would do for entertainment. People found out about new fads from the radio most of the time. Heroes were also made so people would have role models in great times of need.

Types of Fads

Dance Marathon

  • people liked certain dance moves making them famous
  • ex. The Charleston
Flag Pole Sitting

  • sit on top of local flag pole as long as possible
  • Avon Foreman- set amateur standard 10 days, 10 hrs, 10 min, and 10 sec.

  • Chinese tile game- colored tiles with different symbols were randomly arranged geometrically. The object is to remove all the game pieces.

  • First weekly news magazine
  • Founded by Henry Luce and Briton Hadden
Reader's Digest

  • condensed articles from other periodicals.
  • began in 1921
  • 1/2 million subscriptions were sold a decade later.


Charles Lindbergh

  • first man to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean
  • flew from New York to Paris
  • humble man- declined endorsements

TY Cobb

  • great baseball player
  • role model for hundreds of boys
  • was racist
Babe Ruth
  • great baseball player
  • heavy drinker and womanizer
Red Grange
  • great football
Jack Dempsey
  • great boxer
Gertrude Ederle
  • First woman to swim the English Channel