Mrs. Ramirez's Class Newsletter

January 2015

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What's Happening in First Grade?

Brrr! It's cold outside! With these freezing temperatures it's the perfect time for us to begin our study of Solids and Liquids. We will be discussing various properties of these two states of matter and learning about how something can change from one state to another!

In math, we will be finishing up our study of subtraction and story problems. Shortly, we will begin to learn about non-standard units of measurement. We will be measuring the length of objects using items such as our feet, paper clips and Popsicle sticks! What non-standard units can you find around the house to measure with? We will also be learning to tell time to the hour and half hour!

In writing, we will be continuing our work with Opinion Writing. Ask your child questions at home like, Would you rather be an astronaut or a zookeeper? Have them share their opinion and give you reasons why!

In reading, we will be introducing the comprehension strategy of Summarizing. Good readers are able to determine what parts of a text are crucial information and what parts are just "fluff." We will be determining important parts of a story and then using those parts to create a summary. When we summarize, we tell the most important parts of a story in a "short and sweet" way! See our graphic below for more information on how we summarize!

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Technology of the Month