Panda PAWS 2.3

October 17-21, 2016

Important Dates

  • October 17: Fall Picture Day (Uniforms NOT required) in café-see schedule below
  • October 17-27: LAP 3 Testing Window (Come share concerns w/Ms. Dickson! We want to support you-it is a learning process for ALL of us!)
  • October 17-28: Pasta for Pennies Drive-See Ms. Montes for questions
  • October 19: Sunshine meeting @ 11:15 in the Conference Room
  • October 19: SWAG PLCs for all Teachers @ Pierce 3:45-5:15
  • October 20: Li & Ali Parent Program 5:30-6:15 p.m.
  • October 21: Big Truck Day! Schedule coming soon!

Planning Ahead:

October 25: Teacher of the Year Ceremony @ Mac High (Come support our 2017 TOY Michelle Aquino, our former ITS/Librarian)

October 31: Literacy Day: Dress as your favorite book character

October 31-November 1: Election Day in the Library

November 1: Science Night @ Cardwell for Pre K families! We will send home flyers for this. The students at Cardwell are preparing Guideline/TEKS based Science fun for PreK-5 families!

Picture Day October 17, 2016

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Pierce had the HIGHEST INCREASE of all Elementary & Pre K Campuses in Attendance over 1st Six Weeks last year!!

LAP 3 Update:

  • Testing Window is Oct. 17-Oct. 27
  • SPANISH translation was sent in an email to you today from Ms. Dickson. This keeps all three Pre Ks using the same language. (Thanks Kinkeade!)
  • You should have received your Log In info & a training video in an email from Ms. Fleming today.
  • Daily Instruction should not end because of LAP 3. Try to spread it out so that you can continue to teach from the guidelines during the day.
  • Talk to your POD about how to balance teaching & testing.
  • This is a new experience, and we are all doing the best we can! I know you care about your kids and you want them to be successful!

From Counselor to Home...

This was a FB post from one of our parents about Ms. Marcela's self-control counselor lesson! Great job Ms. Montes!

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On MONDAY we will clear the Compliment Board and put all of the fun notes left for you in your boxes and then we will start over! Keep those compliments coming!

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Election Day @ Pierce is Coming!

From Janet Hernandez, Interim Librarian:

  • Election dates are Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 at the library.
  • The classes that read all 2x2 20 books will take Peter Panda to their classroom for a day. Let's read all 20 2x2 books!

*Remember to stay NEUTRAL when discussing our Election! If parents ask, we are simply educating our students on the Democratic process of Elections. We cannot tell them who to vote for. We must let them choose. Please DO NOT share who you are voting for! Let's not bring our personal politics into school! Thanks!

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Shout Outs

From Ms. Bowmar...

I would like to give Ms. Raza a shout out for always being willing to help me make new centers! I’ve given her more lamination that anyone could ever want. Thank you!

Ms. Orozco for giving me a pep talk before Parent Conferences!

Maria Coronado, I walk into your office just for a laugh in the middle of the day. You rock!

Shout out to Ms. Dickson for always listening to and having a solution for the little problems that come up in my classroom!

Ms. Natal, you’re doing awesome in the enrichment room! I appreciate you and everything you do for our classes!

From Janet Hernandez...

I would like to give shout outs to:

All our teachers and IAs:

Thanks for bringing our kids every day to the library and assisting our kids checking in and out books.

Ms. Murillo and Mrs. B. Hernandez:

Thanks for ALWAYS helping me organize and making our book carts look neat.

Mrs. Fleming and her husband:

Thanks for decorating our library with your husband's handmade trucks and train. We receive many compliment by our kids, teachers and parents. Every time they enter the library they ask about them.

From Ms. Li...

Big Shout out to Ms. Murillo for helping me at traffic duty!

Great job to Mrs. Shepherd- Keys for her awesome traffic duty skills.

A huge thank you to Ms. Lazo for always holding down the fort!

Shout out to Ms. Lara for taking my kids to where they have to go! Always ready to help!

Thank you to Ms. Montes for helping me with my special friend!

Thank you to Ms. Flores, Ms. Cortez, Ms. Alonso and Ms. Coronado for all your hard work at the front office!

Huge Shout out to Ms. Dickson and Ms. Fleming just because you are awesome!

Big Shout out to everyone because you all are the best!

From Ms. Dickson...

  • Thanks to our wonderful counselor Ms. Marcela for your quality guidance lessons and for organizing the Pennies for Pasta fundraiser for Luekemia & Lymphoma Society!

  • Thanks to Ms. Orozco for the diet coke save this week!

  • Thanks to our Ms. Campbell, Ms. Luna, Ms. Bucheli, Ms. Jean, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Reeder & Ms. McKimmey for your dedication to our Amadi Guess Program!

  • Thanks to our awesome SPED team-Ms. Stanley, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Williamson, Ms. Guerrero & Ms. Morales for all you do behind the scenes to support our friends with Special Needs! You guys are awesome!


Get some rest & have a great weekend Pandas!

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