People Who Perservere

By: Nic Rosso


Perseverance is having to face tough situations, to fight through them to meet your goal, no matter what the challenge.

"Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence-is the key to unlocking our true potential." -Winston Churchill


The famous baseball Hall of Fame player Maury Willis didn't easily earn that title. When he first started baseball and got into the Dodgers, he was placed in the minor leagues. His solution to this first issue was to practice and easily triumph through the lower classes. Over time he started rising the classes, improving in skill. Out of pure luck one of the players had been injured and the team was looking for a new player to fill his space. His solution to this problem was to volunteer and he got in, reluctantly chosen. Another problem he faced as soon as he got in was: This is not the minors. People are 10 times my skill. So his solution was to practice and practice and practice, because he was no match for the other players in the MLB. Soon he found his sweet spot in baseball, and easily became one of the most famous players, reaching the Hall of Fame for most base steals.

The Devil's Arithmetic (DESCRIPTION)

A Jewish girl named Hannah who has been captured by the Nazi's in her hometown, she was then transported to a concentration camp. The adversities she faces is surviving in this cruel, unforgiving place and having to persevere and experience a mark in history that is forever to be shamed on.

Nepal Earthquake (CAUSE/EFFECT)

The cause was an earthquake in Nepal causing many issues. This originally made the local government cause a State of Emergency declaration to occur. The actual earthquake ended up destroying homes and people ended up living in tents and temporary shelters. This made people have to start working together to help each other to survive, and people started delivering food and becoming interdependent on other people, persevering.
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A comparison of Tom M. (The Dominoes Pizza creator) and Jackie Robinson (Baseball Professional) , their adversities, how they differ or are similar.


An Irish family immigrates to the U.S. in search of a new life.

1. They arrive in the U.S.

2. They arrive at their Uncle Patrick's house for a temporary home.

3. They have issues with family.

4. The mother and sister end up leaving America for Ireland.

5. The main character inspires the 2nd oldest sister to stay in America with her.

6. They start their new life in America together, from the bottom.


The perseverance of others teaches us ways to press on. We get to see ways and options you would never normally think of, changing your perspective, and lessening your adversities. You are able to expand your mind to new levels that were previously unreachable.