Lion's Den News February Edition

Spring Fundraiser

The chocolate candy bar fundraiser was such a success last year, we decided to do it again!

February 24th - March 13th

Students can sell candy bars for $1 each to help raise money for the school.

There will be winners for the top selling students and class!

Look for more information to come home.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday February 17th from 12-7 p.m.

It is required by law to visit with your classroom teacher at least twice a year.

Yearbook News

Don't forget to order your yearbook!

Deadline is March 6th.

There are two ways to order:

  1. Return the order form to school with cash or check.
  2. Order online at and use code 14029920.

Do you have any pictures to share? We could use them for the yearbook.

If you have any pictures from the following events, please email them to If sending from your phone, send in "actual size."

  • Class parties / Field trips
  • Crystal Bridges
  • Choir / Quest
  • Walk to school / Dances
  • Fit to Live week / Color Run
  • Run club / Student Council
  • Night of Giving / Dr. Seuss Week
  • Volleyball / Basketball
  • Flag Football / Cheerleading


  • You can purchase a yearbook ad to pay tribute to your GRADUATE.
    • All ads are $30.
    • Deadline to order an ad is February 28th.
    • Return the order form to school with cash or check and the message you want to include in the ad.
    • Send the picture you want to use to
    • The yearbook team will create the ad for you.

  • Sea World Camp final payments are due March 1st.

    If you have any questions, please contact Katie Melton @

Upcoming Book Fair

The Book Fair is Coming!

March 16th - 20th

Family Night Event on March 17th

We need volunteers to make the fair a success.

Please sign up at the Spring Book Fair SignUp link.

Sea World Camp Benefits


February 7th from 5:30 - 7:00

$10 at the door

Concession for sale


Orders due February 11th

Candy Grams will be distributed to students on the 13th.

$1 Sweet Tart Conversation Hearts

$2 Sour Patch Kids

$3 M&Ms


Please tell your friends and family to sign up, too!

Community Rewards

Log into your account:

Click: My account

Click: Community Rewards

Click: ENROLL NOW or EDIT (a search box should appear)

Our NEW number/ NPO#: NQ554

Click: Circle next to Lakewood Elementary PTA

Click: ENROLL to complete enrollment


On your first visit to

Select: Pick your own charitable organization

Type: Lakewood Elementary PTA

Select: N Little Rock, Ar


During the month of February in STEAM Lab K-5th students will be:

  1. Learning to type correctly and effectively with typing courses.
  2. Discovering Black inventors, scientists, artists, and mathematicians to celebrate
    Black History Month.
  3. Working on etiquette to improve actions and interactions throughout the whole school.

Musical Notes

We are having so much fun listening to Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" song, which was written for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pull it up and have a family dance to it! We are also focusing on other African American musicians, songwriters, and singers throughout February.

Our evening performance for Black History Month will be Thursday, February 27 at 5:30.

Also, we are building our African American Hall of Highlights with pictures and highlights of people in our families, school, neighborhood, church, and community. Forms came home with the kids last week. If you need another one, tell your child to ask Ms. Hoggard.

Peace Love Art




Italy DiPippa, Weston Ellis, Brody Harwell, Ezra Stalcup


Elizabeth Burns, Knox Duncan, Miranda Young


Jesse Johnson, Jordyn King, Miyiah Owens


Aa'Shuna Bennett, Austyn Pittman, Kaiden Turner


Magnolia Hyatt- Riffe, Liam Sorensen, Paige Wallace

Stay tuned for Spring Fine Arts Night details!


The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.


We are just over a month into 2020. Many people view the new year as a time for reflection and resolutions. If you set goals for yourself in 2020, have you stuck to them so far? If not, why?

In the health care industry, we use a certain format when setting goals for patients: SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. I believe this format can be beneficial for anyone as they set goals for themselves, especially our children. If goals are vague, it can be hard to tell if you're making progress and you may be less likely to achieve them.

For example… a child wants to bring up a math letter grade from a “D” to a “B.” Breaking down this goal into SMART format will allow the child to make small strides towards the ultimate goal. The SMART goal might look like this:

“I will spend 20 extra minutes a day working on math problems when I get home from school during this nine weeks.”

Another example… a child wants to score more points in their basketball game. Instead of such a vague goal, we can help them break this down so they can monitor their progress. The SMART goal might look like:

“I will make at least 7 out of 10 free throws at practice over the next month.”

Once a goal is achieved, children will feel a sense of accomplishment and want to strive for more. It’s most important to meet children where they are at, and make sure the goals are attainable for them specifically.

Set goals together.
Make it fun, and see where this leads.

DO YOU KNOW.....How to celebrate your child's birthday at school?

Even when its your child's special day please remember that no food items may be served to your child's classmates to celebrate birthdays. State nutrition law prohibits the serving of treats for any activity except for events arranged by Lakewood Elementary School.

Also, no school in the North Little Rock School District (NLRSD) may accept the delivery of balloons, flowers, candy, etc. for students. This is a new policy added to the NLRSD Handbook during the 2016-2017 school year.

Ask your child's teacher what works best for their classroom if you want to do something a little extra to celebrate your child's special day.


February 7th

Sea Camp's Valentine's Dance Benefit

$10 at the door, 5:30 - 7 PM in the Lakewood Elementary Cafeteria

February 11th
Deadline to purchase Candy Grams

February 14th

Teacher Professional Development Day


February 17th
Parent-Teacher Conferences

February 24th

Spring Fundraiser Starts

February 27th

African American History Month Program

5:30 PM, Lakewood Elementary Cafeteria

February 28th

Deadline for 5th Grade parents to purchase Yearbook Ad

March 8th
Deadline to purchase Yearbook

March 13th

Grading Period 3 Ends

March 16th - 20th

Spring Book Fair

March 17th

Family Night at Book Fair

March 23rd - 27th

Spring Break

March 30th - April 3rd

Fine Arts Week

April 2nd

Fine Arts Family Night

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