Cale Linderbaum

Stargirl Summary

This book is about a girl named Stargirl, she changed her high school alot because she was different. Later in the story she falls in love with a normal kid named Leo. She changes Leo so much during the story. This story takes place in Mica, Arizona


  1. Stargirl is very different from everybody at Mica High School.
  2. She wears crazy clothes that don't look at all the same as everybody else's clothes.
  3. She lives in a normal family.
  4. She cheers for the other teams in basketball when they score.
  5. She's smart, bold, courageous, calm, and not afraid to do what she thinks.
  6. Since she cheers for other teams she started getting shunned from every kid in school except for Dori Dilson and Leo

The climax of Stargirl was when

Wednesday, Jan. 14th, 9pm

Mica, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Phoenix, AZ

Leo told her she's different than everybody else, then she said she didn't notice.The next day she was gone, Leo thought she ran away. Then 2 days later she comes back and she the same as everybody and she tells everybody to call her by her real name, Susan.