New York

There is Nothing you Can't Do

Why you should come to New York!

Geography and Climate

New york's climate and geography contains of wetlands that go along the coast, the famous hudson river, they also had very rich soil that was perfect for farming, also contains beautiful forest mountains. The wetlands is good for for planting and farming. The forest is good for selling lumber and shipbuilding.

What religion is like!

In New york the religion is not specific. So, you can believe in any religion you please. There are a variety of churches for each religion so you can follow your religion.


James, duke of York might have gotten rid of our rights, but now (1691),we have our new leader Jacob Leisure have given our English rights as citizens.

Why you should come!

The people from England sailed across the atlantic ocean to start a new life. They also wanted to new jobs or they wanted to get paid more for what they did. They also knew that in New york they could believe whatever religion they wanted. And the last reason for settlement is that they wanted to start a new life