Busy Box Item

Finger Puppets

Why did you choose to create this particular item?

I chose to create finger puppets because not only are they fun to play with, they also include many educational benefits.

Why/ how is your item appropriate for this age?

Finger puppets are appropriate for children age 2-4 as at this age, children have exceptionally imaginative minds, and are able to express this through the use of the puppets. Finger puppets don't require too much thinking and therefore are suitable for children of a young age.

Breifly describe how you made the item.

I made the finger puppets by sewing pre-cut felt templates together. I also added buttons as eyes. I purposely chose to leave off a mouth as if I put a smile, the child may think the character has to be a happy one. I have also left off hair because if I put long hair the child may think the character has to be a girl.

How does this item contribute to the development of the child?

The finger puppets will aid the child in all areas of development.

Physical~ By moving the puppet, the child is using their fine-motor skills.

Social~ When playing with others, the child will have to respond to different circumstances made up by the other player.

Emotional~ The child is able to express their emotions through the portrayed finger puppet character.

Cognitive~ The child can tell stories and act out ideas using the puppets, both of which require using their mind.

Language~ As the child makes the puppets talk and interact with other players, they're developing their language skills.