Literacy In Digital Spaces

Enhancing Instruction and Student Understanding

The Power of Literacy

Welcome and Objectives

Welcome! I am so glad that we are all here today to share our interest in or passion of literacy. We have a lot to cover today so lets get started!

  • Demonstrate and develop an understanding of how technology tools can enhance the delivery of instruction.
  • Define Literacy in Digital Spaces
  • Demonstrate and develop an understanding of how Digital Spaces enhance student development and understanding of reading and writing.

"A Cautionary Note" - Teaching With Tablets

Enhancing Your Instruction

Teaching With Notability

Lets take a quick look at some of the features in Notability that will help enhance your instruction!

Digital Toolkit

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What is a Digital Toolkit?

  • A collection of resources and materials
  • Used to aid in completing a task efficiently
  • A lifesaver! A variety of solutions at your fingertips

How to Effectively Use a Digital Toolkit?

  • Anchor Charts
  • Student Sample Writing
  • Mentor Text
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • Portable Word Wall or Vocabulary
  • Mini Lessons (Lucy Calkins - Units of Study)

Where Do I Gather Resources?

Stay Plugged In

The Power of Words - What ways could you tie this video into Literacy with your students?


"Math Class" - Imagined by Kids

Lunch Time

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