Is There Not Enough Electives?

By: Charlotte Villasana, Landon Allen, and Austin Moore

The Problem

There is a very narrow range of classes for students to take, limiting them from taking classes that would be useful for what they plan to do for a job in the future. Students can't take the electives that are most beneficiary to them, and are forced into classes which don't have the utmost importance.

How To Solve it

In order to solve this school-wide problem, we could add more electives to the options list by having bus services to send students to the high school for the electives their. Also, we could take out the least popular and least useful electives to replace them with important classes.

How our Solutions will Benefit our School

Adding more electives to take in our eighth grade year, will help us to achieve more in our high school year by giving us more high school credit classes we wouldn't have to take in high school. We could take classes we are more interested in and have a variety of classes.

How Our Solutions Will Work

All solutions to this problem have some money needed. Bus services have charges, and supplies for new electives costs money. But there are ways to get this money. We could start up a lot more fundraisers, and have unique prizes for people who donate money. Also, if it is for a last resort, since the main focus of school is for our academics, we could maybe have budget cuts from other services, but nothing important.

The Students Supporting Our Ideas

Our results from our survey, taken by 20 students, led us to conclude that:
75% of the students rated our current electives a five rating and under
25% of the students rated our current electives a six rating and higher

100% of the students would want more electives to take rather than the current electives given to choose from.

This shows how we have almost everyone on board with our idea, so with it being so popular you should join in to support what is for the better good of everyone. Since we have so many people backing us up, we could to turn this idea into a reality.

What's Wrong With Our Current Electives? Why do They Need to be Changed?

Without the variety, it prohibits kids/students from taking classes that they are interested in and may have a future in. The elective, as in home ec and skills for living, are almost completely useless since most kids have prior knowledge on the information being taught. Adding in a better elective like law could help our students go into jobs like lawyers. This could also help students be more interactive and into what they're learning.