by Abbi and Dalton

Apple iPad

Apple is saying that Samsung copied them in making the 10.1 and that it is almost just like the iPad 2 .

81% of tablet web traffic comes from the iPad

95% fortune 500 companies piloting or deploying iPad

65% U.S school districts piloting or deploying iPad

With more than 300,000 apps made just for iPad, there’s almost no end to what you can do


Made from high-quality materials like aluminum and glass

iPad comes in two sizes. Each with a display that’s beautiful in its own right. The iPad with Retina display packs 3.1 million pixels into a mere 9.7 inches of screen. Which means your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels, and everything you see looks incredibly crisp and lifelike. While the iPad mini display is bright and vivid, and a perfect canvas for all the apps made for iPad.


  • up to 10 hours of battery life
  • front and back side camera
  • You can use icloud so that you can synch all your devices to eachother
  • “I've barely had my new iPad for half a day, but it's met expectations so far” Rosa Golijan ,
NBC News

Andriod Jellybean 4.1

This tablet has a notification shade kind of like the iPad. That’s why it’s been remade it to make it more organized, more informational, easier to read now the apps are more organized because they now are You can easily expand or collapse each item on the notifications list with a quick pinchmore The you can use the notifications shade to pause of stop the music or app that you might be using

Make your self at home

With this option you can literally scan your face so that the tablet only opens when it sees your face. This is made possible by the latest andriod technology.

Take the worlds best pictures

Tablets running Android continue to take photo and video recording to new level. panoramic mode, which will take stunning panoramic images. And you can preview the image as the device stitches the pictures together. Combined with a rich redesign of the camera interface, you’ll enjoy taking the sweetest pictures of your life

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  • Better security
  • Latest samsung technology
  • New media hub brings all your favorites right to your tablet. A broad selection of movies and TV shows that start playing while they download when you rent or purchase them.
  • Your favorite books, magazines and newspapers with just a touch of the screen, with Microsoft® Office

Samsung cont.

  • Armed with the latest Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, The Samsung Galaxy Tab supports fast viewing of any web page, and provides a great experience when you are on your tablefront rear facing cameras
  • better multitasking with mini apps
  • music hub game hub and reading hub social hub polaris office
  • lastest andriod technology