By: Tyler Oakley

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Summary of The Book-

Binge by Tyler Oakley is an autobiography that explains very detailed the life style of the one and only Matthew "Tyler" Oakley. He goes threw so many rough patches in his life . From his parents divorce, being bullied and not being able to be his true self. He starts making videos on YouTube to keep in touch with his best friend that had moved and notices many more people start watching him. Since then he has made videos to entertain people. He has been an advocate ( a type of professional person in several different legal systems), to making podcast (type of media that is an episodic series with just audio), to interviewer of celebrities and winner of many awards. Some of these are; Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Collaboration, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male, Streamy Activist Icon of the Year, Streamy Entertainer of the Year and Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar.


Mathew Tyler Oakley- Medium sized skinny young man with nerdy glasses. He has cool/amazing hair who he dyes often. He loves to make people laugh.

Birth towns- Jackson, Michigan

Age- 26

Hometown- Los Angeles, California

Birthday- March 22, 1989

Height- 5'5


This is an autobiography so there are lots of settings. The places it mostly took on is in Jackson, MI and Los Angeles, CA .


Something that was so much trouble in this book was the fact he was way different to others. Basically he was girly.


He found him self on YouTube. He now has over 7.7 million subscribers.

Significant Quotes

  • I am, you are, everybody in this planet has the capability to be EXTRAORDINARY! - Tyler Oakley
  • If today sucked, tommorow might be better. Isn't that a possibility worth sticking around for? I think so. -Tyler Oakley
  • If someone attacks you because at who you are, know that there are millions of people who appreciate your living your own truth. -Tyler Oakley
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