January Team Updates

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National Booking Challenge!

Hey Bling Bosses! Corporate has thrown out one heck of a Challenge to us leaders...to book January and February Pop-Ups!

For any ADDITIONAL January pop-ups (meaning you don't already have it booked in the system)...the MM with the highest # booked AND one of her Team Members will get an ENTIRE FUTURE CAPSULE COLLECTION.....FREE! The winners will be chosen via raffle by corporate for any Merchies who added January Pop-Ups.....this is BIG y'all....real real big. I don't know about you, but I like FREE and I totally think we can win!

Book a February pop-up or two and have a chance to receive the Spring Look Book EARLY! How cool would that be?!??! Be the first Merchie on the block to have it!

SO....for every 10 new January/February pop-ups booked between now and next Tuesday, I will draw 2 merchies to receive a pack of the new Look Books. Do the math, if even half of our Team booked just ONE Jan/Feb pop-up, we would have 26 additional and 4 of you would be getting a sneak peek look book early! Fair Deal?

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La Dolce Vita Capsule launched this week!

Featuring an on-trend color palette of black and white, this modern and luxurious resort collection lends to easy wearability during the Winter and Spring, making your seasonal fashion transition a breeze!
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GREAT ways to Pop-Up this month and next:


  • Have you had your launch party for La Dolce Vita? Invite friends over to take a look at the newest capsule. Bring your guests on a journey to rome...make a flatbread pizza and serve Italian wine or have espresso and some mini tiramisu for your guests to enjoy while peeping out the new goods!
  • Brunch with friends that you didn't get a chance to see during the busy Holidays! Have your jewels out and make it a casual event!
  • Bachelor viewing party! Who else is excited about Ben being the new Bachelor? Host a Bachelor night where everyone at your party goes home with a rose and their top picks for the final two. Then set a date for the finale (March 14) and give a gift to the one who got the two picks right. You could also do a Bachelor group between the women who attended and start live chats about the ladies' style and what you would have parted with it.
  • Have a sweater swap + style pop-up! Invite your friends or partner with a hostess to have guests bring any unwanted or gently used clothing items! People can literally shop/swap styles from the pool! And guess who will be there to style the new found goods up with gems? Yep...YOU!
  • New Year, New You: Partner with another direct sales rep that sells items for wellness or beauty. Both invite your networks and have a joint party!
  • Wishlist party! Invite all your girlfriends to try on the jewels and browse through the look books and create wish lists for their significant others/husbands for V-day!


  • February 7th is Superbowl! I am sure many of you will be attending SuperBowl gatherings....why not arm yourself with some swag to show off the the ladies there who could care LESS about Football (like me! lol) Also, when you create a pop-up, you get a raffle code for $25 off! You could do your own betting pool to win it: have the gals at the party place their bets for the winning team. Whichever team wins, draw your OWN winner from that pool to get $25 their order!
  • Valentines Day! Target the MEN out there! This is one of the BEST times to sell your wares to the men you know....what woman doesn't love jewelry!? Create a pop-up for Valentines Day you can put the sales there...and get a $25 raffle code to gift AND accrue wonderful hostess credits to gift! Don't forget the mommy's out there...I always buy a little something for my girls for Valentines Day. With the new Cupids Arrow pendant and earrings, it's perfect for little necks/ears! Plus don't forget the Take Heart collection!
  • February 28th is The 88th Academy Awards! Find a host to have an Oscars Viewing Party and set out your most GLAM of your collection! Show how you can style the pieces with the fanciest of looks ...right on down to tee's and jeans!
  • Lastly.....February is Heart health Month....so many reasons to find a local charity to partner with and donate proceeds to their cause.

Trying to find the perfect hostess?

Click here for fantastic tips on finding that perfect hostess! https://d2wsknpdpvwfd3.cloudfront.net/assets/pdfs/finding_the_perfect_host.pdf

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