Excel Extra

October 2015

This continues to be an exciting year, as each Excel class learns new skills, discovers and explores through adventures, collaborating with like minds. Social and emotional lessons for our unique gifted learners are inter-weaved throughout the year. I wish I had more photos to share, but our class time passes so quickly, and I'm having so much fun challenging the students.

The beginning of each class 1st and 2nd gathers in a rectangular circle for a class meeting. All students solve the instructions of the day written on the board in plexar format. At the end of class, if time permits, I'll offer 1-2 minutes of brain teasers. This week the kids tried to solve Halloween themed Hink Pinks and Hinky Pinkies.

Here's what's happening...

1st Grade Detectives - Deductive Thinkers

Listening to clues in stories or examining pictures, students (proudly wearing their Detective badges) solve multiple mysteries. A few iPad apps are occasionally used for improving deductive thinking skills! Ask about the hand motions for each of the Super 7 GT Expectations - Ethics, Communication, Collaboration, Autonomy, Growth Mindset, Creativity and Critical Thinking.


Insightful discussions followed reading the books "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein and "Alejandro's Gift" by Richard E. Albert. Using technology, second graders learn safe ways to search for information. Enthusiasm grew daily with A-Z research on endangered animals, and hearts begin to melt as they viewed the pictures of each critter.

3rd Grade Ancestor Adventure


Fourth Grade GT Students used all of the Super Seven GT Expectation skills while designing, building, and facilitating the Cardboard Arcade - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Autonomy, Communication, Collaboration, Ethics, and Growth Mindset.

KHES and WSES raised a combined total of $103.00 in donations for Casey's Kids, when all the fourth grade homeroom classes played the games during the Cardboard Arcade!

Thank you for sharing your amazing child with me!

Gayle Barron

GT Specialist - Advanced Academics


Webpage: http://campus.kellerisd.net/Teachers/13850/default.aspx