Local News Update

Kenna Sisson


I was born on October 1st 2001 in Northern Los Angeles, California. I lived in Santa Clarita, CA for 7 years. I then moved to Flower Mound, Texas where I lived with my aunt for a year or so. Then we moved a couple streets away from her and lived there for a year or so as well. We then moved two doors down from her and I currently live there.

Where I Want To Be

I want to be traveling the world with my closest friends. One day I am hoping to visit Europe and visit as many countries as I can. I know that I will one day go to Germany and visit where Anne Franke hid from the Nazis, and what is left of the Berlin Wall.

A Little More About Me

I love the outdoors and anything to do with it. One of my best friends is Ally Cushman. I have never left the United States. I play softball for FMHS and for my select team.
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