Google Drive

Have all of your stuff all of the time!

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is like a two-sided mailbox. If you are using Google Drive on your computer and on your personal device (Android or iOS), then whatever you put it will show up on the other side....and vice versa!

With Google drive, you can create documents, presentations, drawings, spreadsheets, and save videos and photos. All of this stuff can then be accessed from anywhere at any time. Videos will actually play on your i-device in Google drive, and, you can uploaded created items from your device into Google drive.

Just open either side to your Googe Drive "mailbox" and stuff it in. It will be there on the other side!

What do I need?

Google Drive can be used on any device. On a computer, it can be accessed just as cloud storage, or you can download Google drive for offline access as well. For your Android or iOS devices, the app must be installed.

How does sharing work in Google Drive?

It is all in the magic.

The only files that don't play well in Google drive are certain video formats. Audio files can be moved, but they will not play within the Google drive. They must be downloaded and opened in the appropriate app/program.

For audio files and music sharing between devices, Documents by Readdle would be the better choice. It will play them all.

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