Looking Ahead 10 Years

Michael Hull

My Goals for The Next 10 Years

1) Make Straight A's with allowance to two B's per 6 weeks through Sophomore and Junior years taking all PreAP and AP courses. This will aid my GPA to rise above 4.0 in Coppell to as high as 6.0 with straight A's and will give me extra knowledge and AP credits to draw on in the future.

2) Dedicate bonus time and effort to my extra curricular sports activities, which include wrestling and baseball. I plan to practice with varsity wrestling and compete for an undefeated season in JV competition next season. I also have plans to try out for a Dallas select level baseball team and continue having weekly lessons in pitching to perfect my control. This will give me a creative and active outlet to free my mind and get excess energy out in a controlled environment. It could also come to help me meet new friends and open new doors that I never could have seen otherwise.

3) Complete Boy Scouts and earn my Eagle award. Many people underestimate the power of the Eagle Scout in these times and yet many colleges still look for it. Showing persistence, determination, stick-to-it-iveness, and also obviously teaching valuable wilderness survival and moral health skills, boy scouts are still a relevant part of society and the fact that I've been involved since kindergarten will only help me.

4) Make at least a 1300/1600 on my SAT. This will open numerous doors for colleges and jobs as a foundation for knowledge. The SAT is a large factor in colleges decisions on admission.

5) Apply for a series of four year colleges, looking for one with a strong law/business majoring course. These four year colleges could include UNC, Duke, University of Texas, and many northeastern universities.

6) Upon graduation from the university of my choosing I will apply for and attend a graduate school for law and business. Among the choices lies The University of Pennsylvania's Jepson School of Business and Law, which is the school that my sister attended before becoming a successful personal finance adviser.

7) Post graduate school, I truly don't know where to turn beyond heading for regular practice of law, more specifically litigation and dispute settlement. No one has specifically given me any instruction what so ever as to how to get in the right line of work to attain this position, so for now I must simply watch my final destination and wait for the knowledge to follow my determination.

Must Haves

  • Must stay focused and organized, I'll never reach my goals if I don't have a clear sight line of the destination and a plan to get there

  • Must create an organized workout and nutrition plan that will not only get me into better shape and increase my confidence within my own skin, but also get my feeling healthier and more energetic

  • Must develop a more scheduled day that includes very specific time allotted for work to be done at home, bedtime and it's dependent wake up time - This would give me a more focused zone to work in instead of slipping homework in around other activities when I can. It would also get me feeling more rested and energetic and help me to wake up on time everyday without the 'I can't get up' feeling. This newly found energy and recoup time for my mind everyday would cause thought to flow more freely and my thought process to become much more creative.

  • Must connect with a small social group of both guys and girls that I can count on for anything. Each and every one of them should be best-friend-type material and I should be able to rely on them for anything. They should be the kinds of friends that always have my back and are there to help, and know that I will always have theirs. I should be able to call them any reasonable time to hang out when I know I need to get away. Together we would have to connect to create a stress free outlet that I could use to get away from my work, but they must also respect my boundaries and know never to pressure me when I know I need to grind for a grade.

  • Must create a much more functional study plan for tests and exams than the one in place now. Currently, I don't study for anything. I rely on my memory and natural knowledge to keep my grades up on tests and quizzes. As grades become even more important yet, and tests become more difficult, I will need to begin focusing more on studying and getting the difference between an 89 and a 90. If I need help I can enlist third party help to aid me in my understanding of a topic as well.

  • Must continue playing sports in a student athlete situation that challenges me both physically and mentally and motivates me to not only perform on the field/mat in wrestling, but to perform academically to continue being allowed to play. This will also help me in keeping my body in good shape and help build character and responsibility.

Must Nots

  • Must not let gaming, leisure, and social activity get in the way of schoolwork like I have before.

  • Must not lose sight of my goals and become distracted chasing dreams I thought up on a whim, or in other words, stick to the plan.

  • Must not give in to lazy temptations such as skipping a workout, copying homework, procrastinating on projects that just seem too big to do, and becoming too lethargic and slow.

  • Must not lie to myself or those around me about my progress or lack thereof - If I need help I should get it.

  • Must not allow myself to fall behind in any way during the journey to my hopes for 10 years from now. Playing catch up is never a good way to live, due it's creation of more stress, less rest, more worries, less social health and subsequently less mental health, and inevitable failing grades. You can quickly finding yourself doing twice the work every night at half the quality it should be and still never getting up with where you should be. I played catch up during my 6th, 8th, and early 9th grade years and it got me nowhere further than angry parents and disappointment. Playing catch up can cause you to become used to seeing an F or C on your report cards and the thought of success never enters the picture. When you get used to failing a C becomes great and an F becomes a minor let down. In order to achieve my admittedly ambitious goals, I must not allow myself to fall behind because it can and will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

  • Must not give in to peer pressures and allow my teenage years to get the best of me. While the freedom of body and mind yet slavery of age, work, and changing hormones may cause the teenage years to be some of the best and yet most difficult years of anyone's life, it is important that I keep my mind clear and out of the gutter. I cannot allow myself to give into temptations to do drugs or drink whether at parties or otherwise. I simply cannot afford to not only deal with the trouble and record following such usages but the fog that it can put over someone's life especially in the years where every decision they make can change the rest of their life drastically. It is as the model of physics goes: Make a small directional mistake in the start and it may not affect you now, but down the road it will only get further and further from the right path until something is done to move it back on that road.

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