Wilson's Disease

Copper Build Up in the Body

What is Wilson's Disease?

Our bodies need small amounts of copper, and most people get more than they need from the food they eat. They then excrete the excess copper, however a person who has Wilson's disease is unable to excrete the extra copper in their body. The copper then begins to build up in the liver and soon overflows into the bloodstream. It then travels through the body damaging other organs.

Occours in every 1 out of 30,000 people!

How do you get this disease?

A person must receive altered genes from both parents to get this disease. People with only one altered gene may not have symptoms and may not need to be treated.However, they can pass the altered gene on to their children and they can get the disease.



-yellow in the eyes

-speech problems

-difficulty walking


If not treated correctly it could be deadly


Wilson's Disease is very treatable! The extra copper can be removed and symptoms can go down and get better.