Highly Effective Student

My Habits Now

I'm the type of student that doesn't follow his sleeping schedule in order to get sleep so he don't sleep in class. Also i'm a very active student so I don't like to sit still. Then there's the times i like to joke around a lot. I'm also the type of student that likes to get his work done quickly. I also like to do a lot of hands on activities.

Top 5 Study Tips

  • Get lots of sleep
  • Make sure you know the way you learn the best
  • Ask lots of questions in class and out of class
  • Be very organized with papers, books, supplies
  • Be VERY SURE to attend class as much as possible

My Top 3 Tips

Guaranteed to help you in school

My Future

For my future i plan to become either a boxer or a nurse. I plan to go to TCU and graduate in 4 years or less. Also i want to have children when i'm about 25 or 27 I don't really know yet . From there on i plan to get a masters in nursing.