Congenital heart defects and CCHD

alissa marquez


Heart defects develop in the early weeks of pregnancy when the heart is forming and some babies have heart defects because of changes in their chromosomes or genes


There are many symptoms after birth such as

  • Fast breathing
  • Gray or blue skin coloring
  • Fatigue
  • Slow weight gain
  • Swollen belly legs or puffiness around the eyes
  • Trouble breathing while feeding
  • Sweating especially while feeding


Some treatments are Catheter Procedures which involves only a needle puncture in the skin where the catheter (a thin flexible tube) is inserted into a vein or an artery. Or open heart surgeries may be needed and even a heart transplant may be possible

Life Expectancy

Some children have a shorter life span than average if their defect is severe or if heart failure other complications happen

3 Important Facts

  1. About 1 in 4 babies born with a heart defect
  2. Sometimes the heart defect can’t be fully repaired, but the procedures can improve blood flow and the way the heart works.
  3. Some babies have heart defects because of changes in their individual genes or chromosomes
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