MOM Weekly 2.16.16

It's great to be a Mayan!

MOM PD Canvas Page

If you want any of the handouts from our safety presentation from last Wednesday please access them through our MOM PD page on Canvas. Those that missed the meeting make sure to see Mrs. Inzunza or Mr. Vargas.

PLC's, Walkthroughs, and Achieve 3000

  • Share out of student annotation work samples (citing evidence)
  • Quarterly or Interim Assessments planning
  • Is your PLC collaborating and planning?
  • Wednesday and Thursday an AP from MOH will be filling for in us
  • DLT's should still be up and current

Achieve 3000:

  • English department please make your choices for next week and input in Google Sheets.
  • GS 1: Problems Heating up for Pikas
  • GS 2: A Dino Found in Utah
  • Amazing growth results. Our site lexile level growth is 72 points! Beyond that we are holding a 73% average on the activity questions. Way to go Mayans!!!

Who's your favorite teacher? Mr. Soto!

"Mr. Soto is my favorite teacher because he is not only cool but he understands kids."

"My favorite teacher is Mr. Soto. He is kind, sweet, caring, and funny. He listens to our problems. Well, all of our teachers listen to our problems but he's still my favorite!"

Mr. Soto thank you for being such a great teacher and thank you all for listening to our kids. More reasons it's great to be a Mayan!!!

Student Work

Hopefully you all visited the library and were able to see Ms. Kunkle's student work with the Trash to Treasure Showcase along with their Aurasmas. Also displayed on the library windows are beautifully done Tapa's by Ms. Austin's kids (one example is the background picture). Be sure to see what our talented Mayans are doing!

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

Big image

Where are they now? Mr. Elizalde

Mr. E wanted to let all of you know he is doing well in retirement. He is enjoying time with his wife and heads up to LA often to visit his parents. Ruben is staying busing sending me emails with educational links and keeps his eyes and ears open for all that is going on in our District. He encourages you to attend a retirement planning meeting and if you have any questions to contact him.

Montgomery Middle School

Big thank you to Verenice, AP's, and the counselors for their presentation on self harm at our faculty meeting last week. Remember be observant, be understanding, and when in doubt refer.
Support our YMCA

Any donation amount is appreciated to assist our Border View YMCA as they assist our kids and community with reduced or free memberships and experiences.