The Bombing Of Hiroshima

Austin McGuire


Hiroshima is a city in Japan, during WWII, the atomic bomb was used to help end the war. If the bomb wouldn't have been dropped, the U.S. would have had to invade Japan. Dropping the bomb helped to save many lives, even though an estimated 70,000 died instantly, and even more died due to radiation poisoning. If we would have had to invade Japan, the death count would have been in the hundreds of thousands.

August 6th, 1945; 8:15 A.M. Japanese Time

The bomb is dropped. 45 seconds later, it detonates, 1,900 ft above Hiroshima. Thousands died instantly, and many more later on. Many people have either radiation poisoning or burns from the extreme heats of the explosion.
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb (1945)