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Exclusive Interview with Mitty Blake

N: Hello Readers, I'm Nicholas Tool. Today I am bringing you an interview I conducted earlier with Mitty Blake. Mitty may be the only person in the world with smallpox.

N: So Mitty, why do you think that you have smallpox?

M: Well Nick, I was actually doing my homework for a change, and I stumbled upon an envelope containing smallpox scabs, and I inhaled the dust, possibly giving me smallpox.

N: So could you summarize the days from when you encountered the smallpox scabs to now?

M: Sure! I encountered the scabs in Connecticut, and went home to continue research for my smallpox report. While i was doing this I realized I may actually have smallpox. All of this happened while my love life with Olivia was picking up.

N: Now who is the Olivia you speak of?

M: Olivia is my girlfriend. She is smart, hard working, and helps me all the time. She helped me with my smallpox research.

N: Would you ever endanger the citizens with your possible smallpox to be with Olivia?

M: I love Olivia more than anything else, but I could never endanger countless lives for a love interest.

N: Earlier you mentioned your smallpox research, how is it coming along?

M: I'm actually doing it for a change! Fortunately, the research is helping me identify the symptoms for my smallpox, if I actually have it.

N: I don't know much about smallpox, but what are some of the symptoms, and have you had them?

M: Some symptoms are: High fever, chills, headache, severe back pain, and vomiting. I am not in the phase of the virus where you get symptoms, if i even have it. You start getting symptoms on days 12-14, and I've only possibly had the virus for 10 days.

N: So you've said you could possibly have smallpox, but do you think you actually think you have smallpox?

M: I honestly don't know. I am very curious and have been searching for an answer ever since I realized I had a chance of holding the virus, and I don't know for sure. I'm not sure if the symptoms are actually symptoms, or not, but if I do have it, I could be infecting people within hours.

N: What do you think bio terrorists could do if they got a hold of your smallpox, with the recent ricin scare raising questions?

M: That could be very bad. They could launch a whole bio terrorist attack on New York, then the whole world.

N: What do you plan to do next to stop smallpox from spreading?

M: I have no idea. There are so many different things I could do, and I am trying to figure out the best option for everyone.

N: Are you willing to do something that may save all of New York but kill yourself in the process?

M: Yes. All of the New Yorkers don't deserve to get smallpox, so I will make sure they don't get smallpox.

N: Such a brave man. Well Mitty, thank you for your time. I think all of New York, including myself, hopes that you don't get smallpox. Best of luck Mitty.

Picture Caption: A picture of the smallpox virus.

Local Garden Party!

Monday, Sep. 6th 1999 at 5pm

Cleveland, OH, United States

Cleveland, OH

Please come and join the local community garden on Gibb Street. Plant tomatoes, corn, flowers, or whatever you would like to plant. Socialize with all different ethnicity, such as Asians, Americans, Latinos, African American, they're all here! You will make some life long friends in the garden, and you probably will meet some people at the annual Garden Party! There will be food, drinks, and more! Come join the garden!

Contact Sam Daquan: 911-911-9111

Must-Read Book Review of Locomotion

Locomotion is a FUN, LIKABLE book that all middle schoolers will love reading, and here's why. This book is great, if you're trying to use the pages as paper for some origami projects. This book also has a very nice plot, that doesn't exist at all. And if this book was meant to bore me, I would give it a 10/10. Now some people might say the book teaches kids, but it really doesn't, its just a bunch of poems. Some people might argue that it actually does have a plot, but does it really? All the book is just related short stories. And some people might also say this book is really heartwarming, and it is, just only at the very end. Anyways, when you reach the end, you'll already be so bored you won't even notice, just like at the end of this you won't even want to read this book.

Picture Caption: The cover to Locomotion. Doesn't it look boring?