Summer Priora


3 Most important Leadership I Identified And Also Marilyn Monroe

*Book/ Movie Writers.
**They was once/ Are Famous.
***Set a big role for life, People, And Love.

Marilyn taught us women and young women to be yourself. she was actually the first female that was a plus size bigger (with curves and a bigger stomach) that was famous and she taught us how size shouldn't matter at all. size is beauty.

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William Shakesphere

He wrote storys about romeo and juliet and other storys. Romeo And Juliet taught us how we shouldn't give up on anybody if their different or not.
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Inspiration to yourself is bigger then people telling you, you can't and yelling you negative stuff.
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Picture of Johnny and June Cash

Because they taught us how Love should be.
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Picture of Elvis

Because He taught us even thought we would stumble through ups and downs through life. Keep Strong.
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Babe Ruth

HE is known as a famous baseball player. and her was a big inspiration.
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Anne Frank

She Had a rough childhood. with the nazis and german war. She always kept strong. Until her time was up. she wrote a book and theres movies about her life in the war and before war.
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Dr. Seuss

He taught the childhood of a big inspiration of life and how should they treat each other.