Fundraiser for Charter H.S. Chorus

Better chances than winning the lottery!

You can purchase tickets for only $10 each and have a chance to win up to $750!

What a great fundraiser that will benefit the Chorus Dept. at IRCHS!

We are selling $10.00 tickets. It is a brilliant fundraiser. March Madness Sweepstakes is an opportunity to win cash based on the combination of teams that are enclosed on the ticket you buy. All teams are random and no team combinations are duplicated. Each ticket has 3 NCAA Men's basketball teams on them. Prizes are given for the 8 highest teams, and the 4 lowest teams. Cool thing is, you don't have to like or even follow basketball to win. You will be contacted. Not many tickets are sold yet, so your chances are great. All ticket sales stop March 17th. Let me know NOW!

It doesn't matter where you live. I will mail your ticket to you!

What I need from you:

Number of tickets you want to purchase.

Payment preference.

Your phone number and email to put on the ticket.

Prizes!! = CASH and the kids earn $$ for new uniforms. It is a win, WIN!!

Total Payouts: $2000

Highest Teams:

1st -$750

2nd - $250

3rd - $150

4th - $100

5th - $80

6th- $70

7th - $60

8th - $50

Lowest Teams:

Lowest - $200

2nd - $150

3rd - $75

4th - $65