March Board Report

Logan-Rogersville Middle School

LRMS Play- "The Chronicles of Clue-Opoly"

The Logan-Rogersville Middle School play, "The Chronicles of Clue-Opoly," was held on February 16. Nineteen students enrolled in first semester Creative Writing spent six weeks writing and editing the play. They formed groups, created characters based on common archetypes seen in every story, outlined the entire story from beginning to end, edited the entire fifty page script, and chose songs that would be played during scene transitions in the play. The play t-shirt was also designed by a middle school student.

Before writing the play, the class learned about characterization, dialogue, and brainstormed common cliches that occur while playing board games so they could put them into the story, such as the phrase "Do not pass go. Do not collect $200," cheating or miscounting when you roll the dice, and playing a Monopoly game that seems to last forever.

The play is about a boy named Landon who is forced to play a game of Monopoly with his neighbors. His little sister Holly dumps the Clue game on top of their Monopoly board in anger because they won't let her play. Because of her actions, the group is sucked into a game of "Clue-Opoly," a mixture of the two games and their objectives. In order to get home, Landon, Holly, and their neighbors are forced to put aside their differences and work together, but unbeknownst to them someone is misleading the group for their own selfish reasons and keeping them from finding the true suspect.

There were over forty students involved in the play, which was directed by Berea Flatness and Alicea McDonald. The play was seen by the primary, elementary, and middle school students in the district during the day and a show was held at night for others to attend. The play will also be submitted to the Language Arts Department Fair held on March 25.