Nike Protein Bar

Just eat it

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For the athlete in you

Real dark coco almonds peanuts anything that will boost your protein level and make your stronger. Fills you up and keeps your going with everything natural and healthy. We make sure of it. Made for athletes we promise you that it will be the best thing that you will put in your stomach. So buy it and JUST EAT IT.
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  1. For a Single bar it would cast anything from $2-5
  2. For a box containing 6 it would be $8-10
  3. For a box containing 12 it would be $11-16


  1. During any sports events
  2. During very big sports events
  3. On ESPN when they are showing SPORTSCENTER
  4. On Fox Sport
  5. On Bein Sports
  6. The Super Bowl

It Will Be Successful

It gives you energy and it will be good for athletes. Nike always has there ways of selling things and they always do. People really like Nike and if this were to be invented it would be amazing and people will definitely buy it. It wont just taste good, it will also help Improve there performance.


ANYONE WHO IS ATHLETIC OR WANTS TO GET INTO SHAPE. They Target is pretty general. Its just anyone who is athletic. That includes Football(american), Football, Track, Tennis, Basketball, etc.. It may just apply to someone who just like to go for a jog or do anything involving moving your body. Protein helps people get energy.