Balanced Nutrition For Life

Standard 9.NPA.4

Apply lifelong nutrition and health-related fitness concepts to enhance quality of life.
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Picture Book

It can be difficult to find a picture book suitable for my content area in the high school level but I feel this book could be used as an effective tool in my classroom. The pictures are bright and really catch the eye of the audience. There is an assortment of fruits and vegetables that can be added to a nutritious diet. There are an abundance of well-known foods that the students could connect with and relate to, as well as more exotic choices that may be newly introduced to the class.

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Informational Text

As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association I know first-hand that this textbook is a credible source. I used the text during some of my course work and as review for my Health and Fitness Specialist Certification. Although there are some advanced sections, the chapter on Nutritional factors in health and performance is an excellent foundation for knowledge in my classroom.

BioLayne Video Log 12 - Clean Eating vs IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

Web Based

Layne Norton has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Pro Natural Powerlifter and a physique coach. He has done many scientific studies on muscle protein and amino metabolism. I have followed his articles, blogs and podcasts for years and find him both interesting and entertaining. I strive to be a positive role model to my students as he has been for me. It’s important to introduce students to current events and trends so I think the debate about clean eating versus IIFYM would interest my class and keep them up to date on current topics in the field.

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Both of the visual aids above provide humor to our subject matter. The comics show irrational ways about thinking of nutrition and certain “fad” diets. We can talk as a class about why the cartoons show the wrong way to think about foods and how to correct this behavior in a healthy manner

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