Handling Tests & Assessments

since Fall 2020

Testing 1-2-3

Fall semester is almost here. As you prepare for your classes, we wanted to share our solutions for testing and SLO assessments throughout the semester.

  1. Alternative approaches to assessing student learning

  2. Instructor Proctored Tests

  3. Remote Live Online Proctoring

Alternative approaches to assessing student learning

We encourage you to review Online Assessment Strategies and Tips, to explore alternative approaches to assessing student learning. If you determine that your class requires proctored testing, we are offering the two services below.

Instructor Proctored Tests

You may proctor your own tests in the campus computer labs. Email Test Center (lcctest@hawaii.edu) at least 1 week in advance to schedule room(s).

Remote Live Online Proctoring

  • provides support for instructors as you proctor your exams using Zoom and Laulima tests.
  • includes a Test Center student assistant providing another set of “eyes” and to help with the technology.
  • works most effectively with students in groups of no more than 10 students per testing session.
Students Will Need to have...
  • a computer with Internet connectivity

  • a webcam or mobile phone with a camera (for Zoom)

  • completed an orientation and signed an honor pledge

Instructors Will Need to...

  • create a Laulima test
  • create a Zoom meeting for the test
  • divide the class into groups no larger than 10 students.
  • schedule test times
  • email Test Center (lcctest@hawaii.edu) at least 1 week in advanced to schedule a student proctor
  • provide an orientation to students PRIOR to test

Remote Live Online Proctoring
Some students will not want to or be unable to use this option (due to connectivity, technology availability and privacy concerns) in which case the instructor should be prepared with an alternative assessment

More information

Instructions for Instructors

Instructions for Students

Schedule a student proctor by emailing lcctest@hawaii.edu (1-week notice required)

Technical Help with Zoom: help@hawaii.edu or 956-2108

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