Why are there Christmas Trees?

By: Lindsey & Mateya

History of the Tree

Long before the advent of Christianity, any trees that stayed green, had an special meaning. Many countries believed that evergreen trees kept away witches, evil spirits and illness. They would hang boughs of evergreen over their windows and doors.

Later then, Germany started the Christmas tree traditions we all know now. They brought decorated trees into their homes.

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Christmas Trees In....

Canada! German settlers migrated to Canada from the US in the 1700s, and started their tradition there too.

Britain! Norway Spruce trees are commonly used as Christmas trees in Britain.

Greenland! Fun fact: Greenland has no trees because their to far north! They get their trees imported. They decorate their trees with bright ornaments, and CANDLES!

Brazil! Although Christmas in Brazil is in the summer, they decorate little Christmas trees with cotton, the cotton representing snow.

Merry Christmas!

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