The battle of Carthage

By: Jake Hevner

Main Facts

  • lasted 3 years (149 BC-146 BC)
  • Location:Carthage(near modern day Tunis)
  • Battle between Romans and Carthaginians

Siege weapons/engines

The romans used seige engines which are structures or weopons that would get troops through under (or typically) over a wall or defense such as:

  • Ballista: a large firearm with the shape of a crossbow that fires a 2-3 meter javelin
  • battering ram: trunk sized wood with a blunt metal or wood end that would be rammed into a gate
  • trebuchet: (ancient armies directly utilized gravity to launch projectiles at their enemies by placing a large weight on the short end of the trebuchet's lever arm and then letting it fall)

Generals of the battle

Troops and casualties


  • 80,000 men
  • 4,000 cavalry
  • 17,000 killed or wounded

Troops and casualties


  • 90,000 military personnel
  • 410,000 civilians
  • 445,000 deaths
  • 55,000 enslaved