6th Grade Technology at Lineville

by: Abby Lippert

Intro to Technology

Hello! In this flyer you will find information about what to expect in 6th Grade Technology. We have six units which include Typing Web, iTrailer, Career Locker, Haiku Deck, Explain Everything, and Coding. You will also be using desk top computers along with iPads. I hope that any questions that you have about this semester of Technology will be answered in this flyer.

Typing Web

Typing Web is a website that teaches you to type quickly, but also to hit all the right keys. At the start of class, you are given a five minute typing worm-up. Each lesson in Typing Web is designed to help you with a certain area of typing. To get a three in the first quarter of typing, you must get through the half of the intermediate course. To get a four, you must get through all of the intermediate course. By the end of the school year, you should be done with the whole intermediate course. Some students will be done with the advanced course.


Near the end of the semester, you will be doing an iTrailer. This is a trailer for your own movie that is made in iMovie. The trailer can be about whatever you want, but you cannot use any pictures from the internet. For this unit, you will need you iPad, and earbuds every day. Also, pictures should be taken at home. You do not have to show your trailer to the class, but you will have time to do this if you wish.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a program that teaches you about lots of different jobs. In this unit you will take several serves to help you decide on a dream job that is right for your talents and interests. You will also learn about different colleges and tuition to these colleges.

Mrs. VandenBoogaard will be coming in to your classroom to help you with this.

Haiku Deck

After your Career Locker unit, you will do a Haiku deck about your dream job. Haiku Deck is a presentation app on your iPads. You will be asked to pick a dream job to do your presentation about. There must be at least ten slides in your Haiku Deck. It should also include information about a college you wish to go to. You must present this project to the class.
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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app on your iPad. In this app you can make slides containing writing, text, images, and recordings. You will be asked to pick one of ten math story problems to put in your Explain Everything. You than have to explain how to do the math project. You can use text, images, and recording to do this. You cannot write with your finger because it is hard to read. You Explain Everything needs to have at least two slides.
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In this unit, you will use code.org. Code.org is a website that teaches you to make small lines of computer code. There are several different levels in which you will code video games to do certain tasks. To get a three in this unit, you must get through stages six and seven. To get a four, you also have to get through stages eight and nine. If you do not get through stage six, you will get a two or a one.
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As you can see, six grade technology at Lineville holds a lot of learning. It may look like a of work, but it is really very fun. I hope that all of your questions were answer. If they were not, make sure to ask your technology teacher. I hope you enjoy six grade technology at Lineville!