Counseling Corner

Monthly Update



Welcome to my first monthly newsletter! (Just in time for the end of the school year) My plan is to send a newsletter at the end of each month to give you some information on what I've been doing with the students. I realize I will only be sending 2 this year, but I plan to continue next year.

Mrs. Kohlenberg's April Activities

Classroom Lessons: 25

Individual Counseling: 17

Consultations: 8

Meetings (Parent; Faculty; Admin): 6

Small Group: 1

Classroom Lessons

This month I did a school-wide classroom lesson called "Big Al". The story was about a fish who tried to be a part of different groups by changing his appearance. We talked about how we all may be "fish of a different kind", but "in this school we all swim together." We discussed that it is OK to be friends with everyone and that our differences make us unique. I gave every student a seashell (that I picked from Wrightsville Beach) to remember the lesson. I explained that the seashells are all different and each one is beautiful in it's own way. I also had the students design a fish from their hand print. I am in the process of making a large poster to show all the hand prints. I am hoping to have it up in the hallway very soon!

4th & 5th grade had a lesson on what stress is and how to handle it. We discussed what stress does to your body and types of stressors. I gave each student a balloon to help demonstrate the affects of stress on the body. We blew small breathes into the balloon for small stressors and large breathes for large stressors. When the balloons were ready to pop, the student's were asked to give examples of ways to handle stress. If it was a healthy way to handle stress they were allowed to let their balloon "fly", but if it was an unhealthy way to handle stress they had to tie the balloon. This showed how stress builds up if we don't handle it in a healthy way.

Kindergarten had a lesson on listening and following directions. We read a book about RJ who had the worst day of his life ever! If he had only listened and followed directions he would have had the best day ever. We talked about the importance of listening and following directions. We then played "heads up, 7 up" to reiterate what we learned.

If there is a topic you would like me to discuss in your classroom, please let me know!

Needs Assessment

I have decided to hold off on the counseling needs assessment until the beginning of next year. I know the end of the year is a very busy time and I do not want to ask you to complete a survey while you are trying to get the students ready for testing. Your input is very important to me and will be beneficial for upcoming changes to the school counseling program. I will send out more information closer to the time of sending out the needs assessment.